08 Aug 2018

Aerojet Rocketdyne successfully tests rocket booster for hypersonic vehicle

“Aerojet Rocketdyne successfully completed two hot-fire tests of a rocket motor designed to boost an air-launched tactical glide hypersonic vehicle during its initial phase of flight…The difficulty in defending against hypersonic weapons has pushed the Pentagon into an arms race. Developing hypersonic weapons is the ‘highest technical priority’ for the

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07 Aug 2018

China hails ‘successful’ test of a new hypersonic weapon

“China has successfully tested a new hypersonic aircraft, a potential ‘hypersonic strike weapon’ that could one day be capable of carrying multiple nuclear warheads and evading all existing defense networks like the US missile shields, according to Chinese state-run and state-affiliated media, citing experts and the domestic designers. The Xingkong-2

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22 Jun 2018

Russia threatens ‘tough response’ to US space force

Just after China issued warnings about an escalating weapons push for space, Russia has threatened to respond to the creation of a US “Space Force” with “a tough response aimed at ensuring world security.” President Trump framed the need for such a force in terms of a need for technology

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