12 Mar 2021

Hungary pays big for a Chinese vaccine

Hungary has agreed to buy five million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine from Sinopharm. A Chinese state-owned company. The doses are priced at approximately $36, or 30 euros, each. The price is much higher than the European Union is paying for vaccines from Western manufacturers, about 15.50 euros per dose

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07 Feb 2019

Freedom House World Report: Where did Freedom Decline and Advance in 2018?

In total, 68 countries lost points in their democracy score in 2018, according to the annual Freedom House report. These outnumbered the 50 countries that achieved net gains. In total, 86 (44%) out of a total 195 countries received a “Free” rating, while 59 (30%) were rated “Partly Free,” and

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08 Jan 2019

Russia accused of hiring “Polish thugs” to conduct arson attacks in Ukraine

Three “Polish thugs” with ties to neo-fascist and pro-Russian parties have been accused of setting fires at a Hungarian Cultural Association building in Ukraine in order to weaken Ukrainian-Hungarian relations. The accused were allegedly paid $265 each for the attacks and sources have accused Russia of having an instigating role,

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