07 Apr 2022

Disaster Response Applications: Virtual Assistants for Refugees in Czech Republic

In this –  the largest refugee crisis since World War II – innovation and applied technologies will once again have to be solution-based and rapidly deployed.  After all:  radar, cryptography, logistics, and nuclear physics all made definitive contributions to victory in World War II.

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24 Jan 2022

Taliban, Western officials meet in Oslo to discuss Afghanistan

The Taliban and Western diplomats are holding a meeting regarding Afghanistan’s humanitarian crisis outside of Oslo. The humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan has escalated since the Taliban takeover of power in August after 20 years. The discussions were held with representatives from France, Britain, Germany, Italy, the EU, Norway and the

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16 Dec 2021

UN sounds alarm over extrajudicial killings in the Taliban’s Afghanistan

The United Nations released a statement on Tuesday addressing continuing reports of extrajudicial killings across Afghanistan. According to the UN, reports of hangings, beheadings, public displays of corpses, and other shocking incidents have been reported to the organization. The UN stated that between August and November of 2021, they received

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08 Nov 2021

Afghans facing ‘hell on earth’ as winter looms

Afghanistan is facing hardship as temperatures continue to drop and thousands are left without sufficient food or homes. Several areas are still suffering from drought, which adds to the growing sense of catastrophe. According to the World Food Programme, which is providing Afghan families and individuals with food and resources,

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03 Nov 2021

Report says war crimes may have been committed in Ethiopia’s Tigray crisis

A joint investigation by the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and the UN Human Rights Office concluded that both sides of Ethiopia’s Tigray conflict have violated international human rights, some of which may amount to crimes against humanity. The organizations stated that there could also be evidence of war crimes.

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25 Oct 2021

Afghanistan Facing Desperate Food Crisis, UN Warns

According to a recent UN report, millions of Afghans will face starvation this winter unless urgent action is taken to ensure food security. More than half of the population currently faces food shortages, while 3.2 million children under the age of five are at risk for acute malnutrition, according to

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01 Oct 2021

Ethiopia to expel UN officials amid fears of Tigray famine

Ethiopia is expelling seven senior UN officials from the country just days after the organization’s aid chief warned that the Tigray region was nearing a famine. The aid chief stated that the government’s blockade of aid deliveries was causing the Tigray region to suffer from starvation and food shortages that

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12 Jul 2021

Lebanon is days away from a ‘social explosion,’ prime minister warns

According to Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab, the country is just days away from a disaster. The country’s economic crisis has deepened, with the local currency losing 90% of its value and 77% of households experiencing food shortages, according to the UN. Mr. Diab made the remarks during a meeting

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13 Apr 2021

Nearly a million going hungry in conflict-hit Mozambique, U.N. says

According to a UN food agency statement made on Tuesday, almost one million people are facing severe hunger in northern Mozambique. The development is due to increases in the severity and frequency of Islamist violence in the region, forcing thousands to flee. Last month, Palma was attacked by Islamic State-linked

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