18 Mar 2019

China: High-Tech Surveillance Leads To 13,000 ‘Terrorist’ Arrests in Xinjiang

The Chinese government on Monday released a report in which it claims to have arrested 13,000 ‘terrorists’ in the Xinjiang province in the last five years. Various international organizations and foreign governments have accused Beijing of gross human rights violations in its treatment of the mostly Muslim Uyghur minority in

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14 Mar 2019

U.S. says China’s treatment of Muslim minority worst abuses ‘since the 1930s’

The US State Department on Wednesday released its annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, which outlined human rights abuses in countries like Iran, South Sudan, Nicaragua and China, with State Department officials singling out the latter as the worst performer. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that China

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27 Feb 2019

China Appoints Political ‘Rising Star’ to Oversee Security in Troubled Xinjiang

China has put Wang Junzheng, a political rising star, in charge of law and order in the Xinjiang province where the Uyghur Muslim minority is located. According to reports by various international media outlets, the Chinese government is structurally persecuting Uyghurs, for example by imprisoning them in “re-education” labor camps.

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15 Feb 2019

Chinese company leaves Muslim-tracking facial recognition database exposed online

A Dutch security researcher who specializes in finding unsecured MongoDB databases on the Internet, recently made a disturbing discovery when he stumbled upon a database used by a Chinese firm to track facial recognition data on 2,56,5724 citizens of the Xinjiang province where the oppressed Uyghur Muslim minority is located. The data

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28 Nov 2018

Indonesian app allows citizens to report ‘misguided’ religious beliefs

Technology is often lauded as a democratizing force, but its dark side as a new component in oppression has become increasingly visible. In a recent example, a new app in Indonesia, launched by the Jakarta Prosecutor’s Office, allows users to report “misguided” religious beliefs. The country has strict blasphemy laws and

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20 Jun 2018

U.S. leaves U.N. Human Rights Council

Calling it a “cesspool of political bias,” a “hypocritical and self-serving organization” that “makes a mockery of human rights,” the US envoy to the UN has withdrawn the country from the United Nations Human Rights Council. The US Secretary of State also denounced the council as a “protector of human

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