12 Sep 2019

IT pros worry about humans but invest in data and cloud security

In a recent Canon survey, IT professionals indicated that the top security threats to businesses are malicious insiders (30%), human error (25%), and compromised devices (21%). Respondents said the best ways of protecting companies against these threats are data security, network security, and user authentication & ID management. The human factor

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10 Sep 2019

More than 99% of attacks in the past year relied on human error to gain access

A new Proofpoint report underscores the need for organizations to address the human factor in their cybersecurity programs. According to the study, over 99% of cyberattacks last year relied on user interaction. In other words, the attacks could only succeed because someone did something they shouldn’t have done, such as

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21 Aug 2019

Employee Error Behind Half of Industrial Network Incidents

A new report by Kaspersky shows that employee mistakes are the leading cause of industrial cybersecurity incidents. Last year, 52% of such incidents were the result of human error. Despite growing cyber threats, only 57% of industrial firms have a dedicated cybersecurity budget for operational technology (OT) / industrial control

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02 May 2019

Why human error is still the top cybersecurity risk for organizations

A new Oracle report[pdf] shows that even though C-Suite executives and policy makers consider human error to be the top threat to their firm, most companies are reluctant to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solutions that can effectively mitigate risk related to human error. Only 38% of executives

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