20 Aug 2019

Trump Gives Huawei 90 Day Reprieve, But Customers Warned To Ditch The Brand

The US Commerce Department on Monday announced an additional 90-day reprieve that gives US organizations until November 19 to cut ties with Chinese tech giant Huawei before a ban forbidding firms from doing business with the company officially goes into effect. US President Donald Trump had threatened to block the

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20 Aug 2019

Uganda, Zambia Deny Huawei Helped Spy on Political Opponents

Uganda and Zambia are denying a recent Wall Street Journal (WSJ) report claiming that Huawei assisted the governments of these countries in espionage campaigns that targeted political opponents. According to the report, employees of the Chinese tech giant enabled both governments to monitor the movements, social media activity and other

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14 Aug 2019

Federal Ban on Chinese Telecom Equipment Takes Effect

The United States officially prohibited federal agencies from purchasing telecommunications and surveillance equipment manufactured by Huawei and four other Chinese companies on Tuesday. The ban, which realizes various provisions of the 2019 National Defense Administration Act, was introduced out of security concerns over the potential of cyber espionage by Chinese

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09 Aug 2019

Huawei just announced HarmonyOS, its answer to Android

Huawei has officially announced its new operating system, called Harmony OS. Earlier this year, after the United States government extended its ban on Huawei products to the private sector over security concerns, Google banned the Chinese tech giant from using Android, forcing the firm to develop Harmony as an alternative. Huawei

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23 Jul 2019

Huawei Helped to Build North Korean 3G Network: Report

A new report by The Washington Post adds a new twist to the already dramatic tale describing the relations between the United States and Chinese tech giant Huawei. According to the report, Huawei may have violated US sanctions on North Korea by helping to set up and maintain the country’s

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17 Jul 2019

US Senators Target Huawei With ‘Death Sentence’ Law To Block Trump’s Backtrack

US lawmakers intend to take control over the US ban on Huawei products, which would allow them to block President Donald Trump’s recent decision to partially relax the blacklisting of the Chinese tech giant. In May of this year, Trump signed an executive order extending the federal ban on Huawei products

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02 Jul 2019

Huawei sanctions relief draws criticism from US lawmakers

US President Donald Trump on Saturday suggested that his administration is willing to ease sanctions on Chinese tech giant Huawei. The move that was praised by chip makers, but came under fire from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. Republican Senator Marco Rubio spoke of a “catastrophic mistake” by

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27 Jun 2019

Huawei security: Half its kit has ‘at least one potential backdoor’

Against a background of US-China trade tensions and a US ban on Huawei telecommunications equipment over security concerns, security researchers with Finite State claim that more than half of Huawei products come with “at least one potential backdoor”. In a report[pdf] released by the IoT security firm, Finite State mentions

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26 Jun 2019

US Tech Companies Sidestep a Trump Ban, to Keep Selling to Huawei

US tech firms including Intel and Micron are evading a US executive order barring them from selling American technology to Huawei, industry insiders claim. The US companies sidestep sanctions on Huawei by not labeling their technology as American-made. While US firms are allowed to sell American technology that is used

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11 Jun 2019

Huawei Denies Being Bound by Chinese Spy Laws

In a testimony to the UK parliament, Huawei’s head of cyber security on Monday stated that the firm’s attorneys have assured it that the Chinese government cannot legally force it to conduct foreign intelligence work. The US has designated Huawei a threat to national security, arguing that national security laws in

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