14 Jan 2020

New Trump Team Warning—Huawei Employs Chinese Spies, Using Its Tech ‘Madness’

The US continues to press the UK to make a decision on whether Huawei will be allowed to operate within the European country as its new 5G networks approach. US security officials have warned the UK that failure to exclude Huawei’s equipment in the implementation of 5G networks would be

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09 Jan 2020

Senator unveils bill to stop the US from sharing intel with countries using Huawei 5G

Senator Tom Cotton introduced legislation that seeks to prohibit the United States from sharing intelligence with countries allowing the Chinese company Huawei to operate 5G technologies. The legislation, which was introduced earlier this week, would have a major impact on both the US foreign policy and on Huawei. The legislation

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20 Dec 2019

Trudeau Presses U.S. to Secure Release of Canadians Detained in China

Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister, stated Thursday that the US should not continue with trade deal proceedings involving China until the cases of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou and two Canadian citizens detained in China have been resolved. Trudeau’s plea is a result of escalating tensions between Beijing and Ottawa after

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20 Nov 2019

Huawei Beats Google—Offers $220,000 For ‘Zero-Click’ Android Phone Hacks

Chinese tech giant Huawei launched a bug bounty program last week that will reward bug hunters up to $220,000 for detecting critical weaknesses in its Android devices. This program beats Google’s, who offers up to $200,000 for demonstrations of similar attacks on its Pixel phones. Huawei revealed the program in

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14 Oct 2019

China’s Huawei claims it faces 1 million cyberattacks per day

Chinese tech giant Huawei is the target of about 1 million cyberattacks per day, Senior Vice President John Suffolk recently stated. The attacks allegedly aim to steal Huawei’s 5G technology, but so far they have only impacted several old systems. The source of the attacks is unknown. Last month, the

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10 Oct 2019

EU warns of 5G cybersecurity risks, stops short of singling out China

The risk of cyberattacks is bound to increase in the 5G era, a new European Union (EU) report warns. The EU said it considers non-EU states and state-backed actors to be the biggest threats in this context. It also emphasized the importance of “the risk profile of individual suppliers,” which

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17 Sep 2019

US Huawei problem goes far beyond trade, security official says

In a presentation at the multilateral action on sensitive technologies (MAST) conference, US State Department official Ashley Ford last week outlined why the US government’s security worries about Huawei go way beyond the ongoing trade war between the US and China. In May of this year, US President Donald Trump

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05 Sep 2019

Huawei accuses US of cyber-attacks and threats to staff

Huawei on Tuesday accused the US government of carrying out cyberattacks on the firm’s networks and of unlawfully detaining and threatening its staff members. The Chinese tech giant did not provide evidence to support its claims, but stated that it “strongly condemn[s] the malign, concerted effort by the US government

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02 Sep 2019

Huawei signs deal to develop 5G in Russia, on sidelines of meeting between Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin

Huawei has agreed to handle “the development of 5G technologies and the pilot launch of fifth-generation networks in 2019-2020” in Russia. The Chinese tech giant, which was blacklisted by the US government earlier this year over security concerns, signed a contract with Russian mobile network operator MTS on the sidelines

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27 Aug 2019

Huawei in talks to install Russian operating system on tablets for country’s population census: sources

Chinese tech giant Huawei is discussing the installation of Russian operating system Aurora on 360,000 Huawei tablets as a “pilot project,” according a Reuters report. Earlier this year the United States government extended its ban on Huawei products to the private sector over security concerns. As a result, Google indicated

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