01 Apr 2020

NATO Report Warns of New Authoritarian Chinese Splinternet

The Chinese government, according to a new NATO report, plans to create a new internet architecture that could potentially broaden the threat landscape, destabilize privacy, and fragment the global internet. The report also states that the standardization was first proposed at the UN’s International Telecommunication Union last September. The plan

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28 Feb 2020

Senate passes bill banning government purchases of Huawei gear

On Thursday, the Senate unanimously approved legislation that would prohibit government agencies from purchasing equipment made by companies considered to be a threat to national security, like the Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE. The legislation specifically focuses on telecommunications equipment, barring the FCC from using funds to help carriers purchase

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14 Feb 2020

US charges Huawei with racketeering and conspiracy to steal trade secrets

Yesterday, the US Department of Justice has updated its previous charges against Chinese telecommunications provider Huawei to include racketeering and conspiracy to steal trade secrets. The charges were originally filed in January of 2019. The new charges announced yesterday represent an escalation in the legal battle between the United States

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31 Jan 2020

Pompeo reassures Britain on US relations after Brexit

The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reassured Britain that the US would continue and enhance their relationship with the UK once they depart from the European Union today. Pompeo also stated that the US’s discontent with the British decision to allow Huawei to operate its 5G network within the

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31 Jan 2020

Britain Gives Huawei Green Light For Limited Role In 5G Network

Britain has announced that it will allow Huawei to operate its 5G networks within the country, however, with limited capacity. The UK has received several warnings from the US to ban Huawei from operating within the country amid national security fears. Huawei will be restricted from supplying equipment to certain

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28 Jan 2020

AI and disinformation join nukes in the race for armageddon

Analysts have reported that China is ahead of the US and other countries with the development of artificial intelligence, dominating the field. However, Huawei’s founder Ren Zhengfei has stated that China does not have the resources to be a global artificial intelligence leader. Zhengfei stated that although the US has

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15 Jan 2020

Tech Tensions Simmer in Washington as U.S., China Near Trade Truce

The United States and China’s recent period of tension near an end as the two countries prepare to declare a pause in their ongoing trade war by signing an initial pact this week. However, the continuing battle over technology standards and surveillance practices in China promises to keep relations between

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14 Jan 2020

New Trump Team Warning—Huawei Employs Chinese Spies, Using Its Tech ‘Madness’

The US continues to press the UK to make a decision on whether Huawei will be allowed to operate within the European country as its new 5G networks approach. US security officials have warned the UK that failure to exclude Huawei’s equipment in the implementation of 5G networks would be

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09 Jan 2020

Senator unveils bill to stop the US from sharing intel with countries using Huawei 5G

Senator Tom Cotton introduced legislation that seeks to prohibit the United States from sharing intelligence with countries allowing the Chinese company Huawei to operate 5G technologies. The legislation, which was introduced earlier this week, would have a major impact on both the US foreign policy and on Huawei. The legislation

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20 Dec 2019

Trudeau Presses U.S. to Secure Release of Canadians Detained in China

Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister, stated Thursday that the US should not continue with trade deal proceedings involving China until the cases of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou and two Canadian citizens detained in China have been resolved. Trudeau’s plea is a result of escalating tensions between Beijing and Ottawa after

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