25 Jul 2022

FBI investigation determined Chinese-made Huawei equipment could disrupt US nuclear arsenal communications

According to the FBI, Chinese products by Huawei could disrupt US nuclear arsenal airwaves. The issue originates from a 2017 deal in which the Chinese government offered to spend $100 million to construct a Chinese garden at the National Arboretum in Washington DC. The garden would hopefully attract thousands of

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02 Dec 2021

Nearly 10 Million Android Gamers Hit With Malware From Huawei AppGallery

Security researchers at Doctor Web have discovered dozens of malicious games hiding in AppGallery responsible for infecting victims with a new variant of the Cynos malware. Cynos has been affecting Android users for seven years and is concealed in everything from adult content apps to harmless-looking virtual pet games. Doctor

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28 Sep 2021

FCC details $1.9 billion program to rip out Huawei and ZTE gear in the US

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently released a new set of rules for small carriers to abide by that aims to rip out and replace network equipment and services from Huawei and ZTE, two companies based in China. The small carriers will have access to $1.9 billion in funding

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12 Feb 2021

As Huawei Talks Stall, Detention of Two Canadians in China Drags On

Two Canadian nationals apprehended in Beijing have remained there for two years, former diplomat Michael Kovrig and businessman Michael Spavor. The two Canadians have been at the center of a high-stakes standoff between Canada, the US, and China. The men have been accused of espionage and jailed for the duration

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22 Jan 2021

Google Duo may soon stop working on uncertified Android devices

Google Duo may soon fail to operate on Andriod devices that are uncertified, following suit with the Google Messages app which made the same move. Earlier this week, Google Messages included a notice that the app would cease to work on uncertified Andriod devices or certain devices that are not

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09 Dec 2020

Huawei Tested Facial Recognition System That Identifies Uighurs, Report Claims

According to Pennsylvania-based research group IPVM, Chinese tech giant Huawei tested a facial recognition system that aims to specifically identify Uighur Muslims, an ethnic minority group that has been surveilled and oppressed by China. According to documents uncovered by IPVM, the system was built using Huawei cloud infrastructure and tools

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30 Nov 2020

UK bans installation of new Huawei 5G equipment from September

The UK government has reportedly released an update on their plans to phase out Huawei technology by 2027, now introducing a ban on the installation of new Huawei 5G equipment from September 2021. The decision follows plans announced in July declaring that UK firms will be barred from purchasing new

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13 Nov 2020

Huawei Wins Stay Against Exclusion From Sweden 5G

Sweden has delayed its decision to ban all Huawei equipment from the country’s development of 5G capabilities while it reconsiders the merits of the case against the powerful Chinese telecoms company. The ruling was made by the Stockholm administrative court just one day before an auction of 5G network frequencies

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21 Oct 2020

Sweden Bans Huawei, ZTE From 5G, Calls China Biggest Threat

Sweden announced plans to ban Chinese tech companies Huawei and ZTE from 5G networks on Tuesday, citing national security and calling China one of the country’s biggest threats. Four of Sweden’s major wireless carriers will be barred from bidding for frequencies in an upcoming spectrum auction as the new 5G

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08 Oct 2020

Huawei 5G ban could come in sooner, says report

In the UK, an influential parliamentary committee has released a report analyzing the feasibility of moving up the deadline for removing all of Huawei’s equipment from the 5G networks. The report reasons that if pressure from allies continues and if relations with China remain tense, the deadline could easily be

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