10 Nov 2020

Millions of Hotel Guests Worldwide Caught Up in Mass Data Leak

Prestige Software has suffered from a data leak due to a misconfigured Amazon Web Services S3 bucket left open to the public for several years. Prestige’s services are used by hotels around the world to integrate their reservation systems with other online booking services such as Expedia and Booking.com. In

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07 Oct 2020

FBI warns of risks of using wireless hotel networks

The FBI has issued a new warning against the use of hotel Wi-Fi connections, due to public offerings may contain vulnerabilities as a result of poor security measures. The FBI states that this is true for libraries, coffee shops, and other locations with free public Wi-Fi. In the advisory, the

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11 Dec 2019

Al-Shabaab claims attack on elite hotel in Mogadishu

Somalian security forces ended a deadly attack in Somalia’s capital city, Mogadishu, on Tuesday after a shootout that lasted seven hours and left three civilians and two soldiers dead. Five heavily armed gunmen overpowered security guards at the upscale SYL hotel, according to law enforcement. Eleven people were injured, including

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11 Apr 2019

Majority of Hotel Websites Leak Guest Booking Info

By testing over 1,500 hotels in 54 countries, a Symantec researcher discovered that two out of three (67%) hotels inadvertently make hotel reservation information available to third-parties such as advertisers, social media platforms and data aggregators. The leaked data includes things like names, addresses, phone numbers, passport numbers and the

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