03 Dec 2019

Tourism in Israel? U.S. charity’s offer with Gaza hospital project irks Palestinians

US charity FriendShips, an evangelical Christian group, is building a tent hospital in the Gaza strip, causing controversy by offering foreign medical volunteers a weekend of tourism in Israel across the volatile border. Construction of the facility had won support from both Hamas, Gaza’s Islamist rulers, and Israel. However, civilians

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21 Nov 2019

Infection Hits French Hospital Like It’s 2017 As Ransomware Cripples 6,000 Computers

The Rouen University Hospital-Charles Nicolle in northern France has been targeted to a ransomware attack with consequences similar to that of the infamous WannaCry attack of 2017. IT staff discovered the attack late on the evening of November 15th, and Rouen University Hospital claims that it impacted all five sites

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