06 Jul 2020

Hong Kong Libraries Pull Books for Review Under China’s Security Law

Books in Hong Kong libraries have been pulled from the shelves following strict new laws imposed on Hong Kong by China. The new national security law for Hong Kong is being used to restrict political discussion and prosecute those who speak out against the government. Several pro-democracy books were pulled

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01 Jul 2020

Hong Kong: First arrests under ‘anti-protest’ law as handover marked

The new anti-protest law in Hong Kong sparked international controversy, and the Hong Kong police have since made their first arrests under the new legislation imposed by Beijing as crowds took to the streets to mark 23 years since the end of British rule. At the demonstrations, several were arrested

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30 Jun 2020

Hong Kong security law: Anger as China’s Xi signs legislation

China recently passed a controversial security law that gives it more powers over Hong Kong, sparking concern from the UK, the EU, and NATO. President Xi Jinping signed legislation that will not be placed in Hong Kong’s mini-constitution that criminalizing sedition and effectively hindering protests. Following the announcement of new

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10 Jun 2020

Mike Pompeo criticises HSBC for backing Hong Kong security law

On Tuesday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo criticized banking giant HSBC for its support of China’s imposing of new restrictive security legislation in Hong Kong, stating that the US stood with its allies against “coercive bully tactics.” The Trump administration has also been vocal about condemning Beijing for moves

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05 Jun 2020

Thousands of Hong Kongers defy police ban to remember Tiananmen Square massacre

On Thursday evening, thousands of Hong Kong residents defied a strict police ban, choosing to gather to commemorate the 31st anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. The memorial has been held every year since the horrific crackdown on pro-democracy protestors in China. However, the rally was banned this year over

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01 Jun 2020

Tiananmen: Police ban Hong Kong vigil for victims of 1989 crackdown

For the first time in 30 years, an annual vigil marking the Tiananmen Square crackdown has been banned by authorities over coronavirus risks. However, there are fears that this may cause a permanent end to the commemorations. China has been seeking to impose new legislation making speaking out against Chinese

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28 May 2020

U.S. Officially Declares That Hong Kong Is No Longer Autonomous

Amid violent protests in Hong Kong, the State Department has declared the region no longer has a high degree of autonomy from China. On Wednesday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo released this statement, which is likely to unsettle the global financial center. Federal law requires Pompeo to make this assessment,

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27 May 2020

Riot police take zero tolerance approach to Hong Kong protests as tensions build

On Wednesday, over 300 people were arrested across Hong Kong, reflecting China’s zero-tolerance approach to protesting. The protests emerged over a controversial new national security law, and retaliating demonstrators were met with a huge police presence using pepper spray, settling, and searches. In the city’s main global business hub, the

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22 Apr 2020

Hong Kong Police Arrest Pro-Democracy Activists

On Saturday, Hong Kong police arrest 14 pro-democracy activists in response to the city’s pro-democracy protest movement that was at its peak before the COVID-19 outbreak. The arrests come as the region is still racked by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, pro-democracy activists have stated that they do not plan to

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20 Feb 2020

In Hong Kong, the coronavirus outbreak is deepening the political divide from the 2019 protests

The coronavirus was first detected in Hong Kong in late January, and since then there have been two deaths and 62 confirmed cases within the city. However, Hong Kong’s political stability following the violent and widespread 2019 protests has been threatened by the outbreak in mainland China, where at least

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