27 Jul 2021

First person charged under national security law found guilty in Hong Kong

In a landmark ruling, the first person to be charged under the controversial Hong Kong national security law imposed by China has been found guilty. The man, Tong Ying-kit, was charged with inciting secession and terrorism after he rode a motorbike into police while flying a flag calling for the

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20 Jul 2021

What The C-Suite Needs To Know About The USG Advisory on Risks and Considerations for Businesses Operating in Hong Kong

The US Government released a statement jointly produced by the Department of State, Department of Treasury, Department of Commerce and Department of Homeland Security on the topic of business risks associated with operating in Hong Kong. If any single agency released a memo on a topic like this it would be important. With all four teaming to produce this it is a clear signal that this advisory should be read and understood by any company doing business in or with Hong Kong.

OODA has long been advising our clients and network members on the nature of the changes underway in Hong Kong and for most of our readers here the changes are probably not a surprise. But this joint advisory provides a good opportunity to pause and review the situation and assess whether or not your strategy is in the right place. We provide a list of recommendations for the C-Suite at the end of this overview.

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17 Jun 2021

Hong Kong police declare Apple Daily newsroom a crime scene as editors and executives arrested under national security law

500 officers entered the premises of the Apple Daily newspaper office and declared it a crime scene on Thursday. Top editors and executives were arrested and journalistic materials were seized under the city’s national security law. CEO of Apple Daily, Cheung Kim Hung, COO Chow Tat Kuen, chief editor Ryan

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28 May 2021

Hong Kong: Jimmy Lai jailed again for pro-democracy protests

Jimmy Lai, a pro-democracy media mogul in Hong Kong has been sentenced to 14months in prison for participation in an unauthorized assembly in 2019. Lai will consecutively serve his sentence and his current serving time for participating in other demonstrations that year. Lai will face 20 months in jail.  10

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16 Apr 2021

Hong Kong: Jimmy Lai sentenced to 14 months for pro-democracy protests

Jimmy Lai is a Hong Kong pro-democracy advocate with a media presence. Lai was sentenced 14 months in prison after being found guilty of unauthorised assembly. He and others were found guilty in court on Friday of charges relating to the pro-democracy demonstrations in 2019. Veteran campaigner Martin Lee and

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15 Apr 2021

Beijing’s top official in Hong Kong warns foreign powers not to interfere

On Thursday, Beijing’s top representative in Hong Kong issued a clear warning to the US and its Western allies, stating that if the powers tried to interfere in China’s relationship with Hong Kong, they would receive a harsh response. Luo Huining, the director at China’s Hong Kong Liaison Office, stated

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01 Apr 2021

Hong Kong court convicts media tycoon Jimmy Lai and other activists over peaceful protest

On Thursday, a Hong Kong court convicted pro-democracy media tycoon Jimmy Lai and eight other prominent activists. The convictions were due to the individuals’ roles in an unauthorized assembly at the peak of the 2019 protests that followed the imposition of new, strict laws on Hong Kong, threatening its autonomy.

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30 Mar 2021

Hong Kong: China limits parliament to ‘patriots’

Changes to Hong Kong’s electoral rules will tighten China’s control over the city. The newly passed rules cut the number of directly elected seats in parliament by half and the prospective candidates must be vetted by a pro-Beijing committee to ensure their loyalty. The goal is to only allow “patriotic”

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11 Mar 2021

China moves to overhaul Hong Kong politics, squeezing democratic opposition

A draft decision to change Hong Kong’s electoral system was approved in China’s parliament on Thursday. The draft changes reduce democratic representation in the city’s institutions and allows a mechanism to vet politicians’ loyalty to Beijing. Beijing is trying to consolidate its increasingly authoritarian grip over Hong Kong after the

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16 Feb 2021

Hong Kong Trial of Nine Pro-Democracy Activists Begins

On Tuesday, nine veteran pro-democracy activists appeared together in court in Hong Kong due to charges related to the organization and participation in mass protests against the national security law imposed on the region in 2019. The trial stands out for the number of defendants facing prosecution and the prominence

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