16 Feb 2021

Hong Kong Trial of Nine Pro-Democracy Activists Begins

On Tuesday, nine veteran pro-democracy activists appeared together in court in Hong Kong due to charges related to the organization and participation in mass protests against the national security law imposed on the region in 2019. The trial stands out for the number of defendants facing prosecution and the prominence

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04 Feb 2021

Consulates in Hong Kong refused access to dual nationals needing assistance

According to the Canadian Foreign Ministry, Hong Kong has repeatedly denied access to foreign consulates seeking to provide assistance to detained dual nationals. Although these allegations may seem illegal, Hong Kong has the right to deny consular access due to treaties signed with Canada in 1997, when Hong Kong returned

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02 Feb 2021

China’s Top Diplomat Warns Biden Against Meddling in Hong Kong, Xinjiang

On Tuesday, China’s top diplomat Yang Jiechi stressed the potential for a healthy US-China relationship on matters such as trade, public health, and climate, re-iterating recent language from leader Xi Jinping. However, no concessions were made on issues such as human rights, Covid-19 response, and what was referred to as

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14 Jan 2021

Hong Kong internet firm blocked website over security law

A Hong Kong internet service provider blocked access to a pro-democracy website to comply with the city’s national security law. HKChronicles, the site that was blocked by Hong Kong Broadband Network, had compiled information on “yellow” shopes that supported the city’s pro-democracy movement. The site also posted personal information and

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07 Jan 2021

Veteran American Lawyer Detained in Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Crackdown

John Clancey, an American lawyer and human-rights activist, was detained by Hong Kong police on Wednesday, marking the first known US citizen to be apprehended under the city’s restrictive national security law. Clancey is in his 70s and was transported to the offices of the law firm where he worked

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06 Jan 2021

National security law: Mass arrests among Hong Kong pro-democracy camp

A new security law has been posed to curb the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. On Wednesday, there were mass arrests while there was an unofficial election to select candidates before the 2020 elections that have been postponed. 53 people were arrested after 1,000 national security officers were deployed. Police

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11 Dec 2020

Hong Kong Police Charge Media Mogul Jimmy Lai With Foreign Collusion

Jimmy Lai, a 73-year-old Chinese media mogul who runs a pro-democracy newspaper in Hong Kong, has been charged with foreign collusion. Lai’s charges represent the most high-profile figure charged under the security law imposed on Hong Kong by China to eradicate dissent and pro-democracy ideology. Hong Kong claims that Lai

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10 Dec 2020

China Responds in Latest Sanctions Tit-for-Tat With U.S. Over Hong Kong

On Monday of this week, the US ramped up sanctions on China, placing 14 senior Chinese officials on sanctions blacklists. However, China has responded by revoking visa exemptions for US diplomatic passport holders in both Hong Kong and Macau. China also stated that it planned to impose other sanctions against

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11 Nov 2020

Hong Kong pro-democracy lawmakers resign after China ruling

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy lawmakers have resigned en masse following an incident in which China removed four of their like-minded colleagues. The resignation comes amid a decision passed by Beijing allowing the city’s government to dismiss politicians posing a threat to national security. The lawmakers decided to exit the city legislature

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03 Nov 2020

Ant IPO Postponed by Shanghai Stock Exchange

Today, the Shanghai Stock Exchange released a statement postponing the initial public offering of Ant Group Co. The restriction comes just a day after the company’s controlling seller, Jack Ma, was summoned by four regulatory agencies to attend a closed-door meeting. The undercover meeting with regulators and changing the regulatory

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