28 Jan 2022

Xiomara Castro becomes Honduras’ first female president

Honduras’ first female president, Xiomara Castro was sworn in on Thursday in Tegucigalpa. Castro is a democratic socialist and won a landslide victory in the presidential election last year. Castro’s platform focused on countering years of governance involved with corruption and scandal. Castro’s party, the Freedom and Refoundation Party won

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05 Nov 2020

Honduras Extends State of Alert as Tropical Storm Eta Hits

In Honduras, citizens are preparing for the devastating tropical storm Eta to make landfall by the end of the day. Honduran rescue teams have elevated evacuation efforts as of this morning, and a state of alert has been administered as heavy rains from the storm case rivers to flood homes.

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14 Oct 2020

U.S. Agents Returned Migrants to Honduras in Unauthorized Operation, Senate Report Says

A newly released US Senate report details an unauthorized operation in which US border agents working in Guatemala detained Honduran migrants seeking refuge in the US and forcibly returned them back to Honduras. The unauthorized operation occurred last January, according to a review by Democrats sitting on the Senate Foreign

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02 Oct 2020

Honduras caravan heads towards US to escape pandemic-induced poverty

On Wednesday, a caravan containing hundreds of Honduran nationals escaping poverty and seeking to improve their living conditions headed for the US. In Honduras, the COVID-19 virus has killed over 2,000 and paralyzed the economy, according to local media. The migrants consist of mostly young men and women with small

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28 Jan 2019

CBP: Cartels using large groups, sick migrants to distract Border Patrol

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency has recently described a surge in drug trafficker’s use of immigrants at the border to distract U.S. officers to open up unprotected smuggling lanes. In one recent instance, a group of 247 immigrants from Central America arrived at the border and 50 of

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15 Jan 2019

Small group of Marines, sailors complete ‘first step’ in building long-term Latin America task force

The U.S. is slowly strengthening a multinational task force in Latin America whose role spans from natural disaster to security responses. 2018’s exercises saw the first time officers from foreign partner countries were integrated into the command staff, when a Colombian officer served as deputy commander of the task force.

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03 Jan 2019

Honduras and Brazil planning to move embassies in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

On track to join Guatemala and the US in moving embassies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Honduras is holding talks with the US and Israel on the subject. The meeting was held in Brazil next to the inauguration of its new president Jair Bolsonaro, who has said the Brazil’s move

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