30 Mar 2021

Nepal closes schools as air pollution hits alarming levels

The Himalayan nation is seeing the worst pollution levels since 2016. Schools have been ordered to close for four days as the pollution has become hazardous. Millions of students are forced to stay home across the country. The country is located in the Himalayas between China and India, two of

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23 Sep 2020

India and China agree to stop sending troops to disputed Himalayan border

On Monday, India and China entered into an agreement in which both sides pledged to stop sending more troops to the disputed Himalayas border after increased tensions between the two powers that led to bloodshed. Indian and Chinese military commanders met to discuss the stabilizing of tensions along the border,

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26 Jun 2020

Satellite images show buildup at site of deadly India-China border clash

New satellite images of the Himalayas show expansion of the Chinese encampment following a deadly clash between Chinese and Indian forces. China appears to have rebuilt and expanded the previously established military camp as a result of border conflicts between the two countries. Mazar Technologies captured the images on Monday,

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