14 May 2020

US Embassy says Covid-19 threat in Tanzania’s main city ‘extremely high’

In Tanzania, the US Embassy claims that many hospitals in one of its largest cities, Dar es Salaam, have been overwhelmed in recent weeks due to the COVID-19 crisis. Tanzania has not released any information on COVID-19 infection rates since late April, causing concern over what the actual number of

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13 Apr 2020

Critical VMware Bug Opens Up Corporate Treasure to Hackers

A new bug classified as level 10 in severity has been discovered in VMware’s Directory Service (vmdir) that could compromise entire corporate virtual infrastructures if exploited. Vmdir is part of the company’s Center Server product, which essentially provides centralized management of virtualized hosts and VMs from one console. A single

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04 Mar 2020

MediaTek Bug Actively Exploited, Affects Millions of Android Devices

This week, Google addressed a high severity flaw that exists in MediaTek’s Command Queue driver. The bug has already been used to build malicious apps that compromise Andriod devices by gaining root access. Developers have claimed this bug affects millions of devices. Google also released its March 2020 Android Security

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17 Feb 2020

Terrorist Android Malware Exposed: Here Are The Hamas Apps That Hacked Israeli Soldiers

Hamas cyber terrorists have compromised the phones of several hundred Israeli soldiers after infecting them with malware that was embedded in a “honey trap” operation in which Hamas-affiliated actors used profiles of attractive women to entice the Israeli soldiers. The soldiers were then conned into chatting over messaging platforms and

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