21 Sep 2022

Myanmar army helicopters fire on school, killing six

At least 17 children were wounded and six children were killed in Myanmar when army helicopters shot at a school on Friday. The military said it opened fire because rebels were using the school building to attack its forces. The military admitted to opening fire on the school on Tuesday,

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06 Aug 2020

The Future Includes Manned Vertical Lift and Attack Helicopters

Manned Attack Helicopters will remain an essential part of the Vertical Lift Force in the United States for the foreseeable future, despite the recent proliferation of unmanned aerial vehicles.  As the existing fleet of manned attack helicopters approaches end of life, the U. S. Military prepares to replace, update and repair these critical assets. 

This special report, prepared for OODA Network Members, will be of interest to any executive in the aerospace and defense sector as well as strategists seeking insights into the near future of military capabilities.

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