03 Jun 2021

China Reports First Human Case of H10N3 Strain

Chinese health authorities have disclosed that a 41-year-old man contracted a rare strain of bird flu known as H10N3. The man had been in the hospital since late April, marking the first reported human case of the strain. The National Health Commission stated that the man developed a fever and

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29 Apr 2021

Cancer Patients Diverted After Cyber-Attack on MedTech Firm

Last week, Swedish oncology and radiology system provider Elekta suffered from a security breach. Elektra provides equipment for scores of US cancer treatment centers, and the security breach ultimately impacted Elektra’s US customers as well. The breach pertained to its first-generation cloud-based storage system, according to a statement released by

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08 Apr 2021

European court backs mandatory pre-school jabs

In a landmark ruling earlier this week, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) backed a Czech Republic decision for requiring mandatory pre-school vaccinations. The case was brought up by families who were fined or whose children were not allowed to return to pre-schools because they had not been vaccinated.

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04 Sep 2020

Microscopes Powered by Google’s AI Could Change Cancer Diagnostics

New medical technology, AI-microscopes, could change how doctors detect cancer. This would begin the first stage of fulfilling industry goals of applying artificial intelligence to medical imagery in detecting various illnesses and health issues. In the initiatives first step, the Defense Innovation Unit awarded a contract to Google Cloud to

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29 Jun 2020

As in U.S., Covid-19 Risk in Britain Is Higher for Minority Groups

In the UK, research shows that some ethnic groups are more vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus than the country’s white majority, resembling similar findings in the US that lay bare inequalities in health care between communities. The reason for the disparities, according to experts, is that minority groups in the

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18 Jun 2020

Race for virus vaccine could leave some countries behind

As wealthy countries are racing to find a COVID-19 vaccine, some are placing advance orders for the inevitably limited supply to guarantee vaccines for their citizens, leaving controversy over whether developing countries will have access to the medicine in time. The United Nations, National Red Cross, and Red Crescent stated

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22 May 2020

Veterans Affairs Launches First Chatbot to Field COVID-19 Questions

Recently, the Veterans Affairs Department launched a chatbot that aims to provide veterans and their caregivers with answers regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. The chatbot was developed in less than a month through the Microsoft Healthcare Bot platform. The tool can be accessed 24/7 to assess symptoms related to COVID-19 as

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21 May 2020

HHS Proposes ‘IT Control Tower’ to Manage Strategic National Stockpile

The Health and Human Services Department issued a request for information seeking answers on how to create an overarching IT infrastructure that will coordinate, manage, and analyze supplied across sectors. The solicitation also highlights the agency’s plan to redesign the strategy driving the Strategic National Stockpile, aiming to ensure that

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21 Apr 2020

Seoul sees no suspicious activity in North amid Kim concerns

On Tuesday, the South Korean government declared that it has not detected unusual activity in North Korea despite unconfirmed reports that the country’s leader, Kim Jong Un, is in fragile condition after heart surgery. South Korea stated that it has no information about the speculation over Kim’s health. The rumors

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25 Mar 2020

Apple Is Donating 9 Million Masks To Combat The Coronavirus

Apple has announced that it will donate 9 million N95 masks to combat the coronavirus outbreak. Apple is one of several tech companies to pitch in with donations as hospitals continue to report protective gear shortages. Vice President Mike Pence announced the donation on Tuesday during a press briefing. N95

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