08 Apr 2019

Hackers Can Add, Remove Cancer From CT Scans: Researchers

In the latest example of security issues that can result from the proliferation of Internet-facing medical devices, a team of security researchers from two Israeli universities has discovered that it is possible for threat actors to manipulate the 3D images generated during a Computer Tomography (CT) scan using custom malicious

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07 Mar 2019

State-sponsored group behind Singapore’s worst cyber attack: report

Symantec has released a new report on a state-back cyber espionage group dubbed Whitefly. The company is convinced that Whitefly is funded by a government, but has not been able to identify which country is backing the group. According to the research, Whitefly was responsible for the biggest cyber attack

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19 Feb 2019

2.7 Million Health-Related Calls, Sensitive Info Exposed for Six Years

In a very ugly data leak, an unsecured server has exposed 170,000 hours of recordings from 2.7 million calls made to the 1177 Swedish Healthcare Guide service since 2013. Many callers shared sensitive health care information, and some of them mentioned other confidential data such as their social security number. The server also mentioned

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30 Jan 2019

Medical devices are woefully insecure. This public-private partnership working to fix that.

The Healthcare Sector Coordinating Council, a public-private partnership of hospitals and medical devices working on critical infrastructure security and resilience, has published a joint security plan document outlining a series of vulnerabilities and needed improvements in the industry. Essentially a “to-do list” for manufacturers, it highlights the current vulnerabilities of

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15 Jan 2019

Arm yourselves for healthcare’s cybersecurity war

US healthcare organizations (HCOs) are highly popular targets for cyberattacks for two reasons. First of all, HCOs are easy to breach, since a majority of them lack a proper cybersecurity program based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and many organizations use poorly secured medical internet of things (IoT) devices. Secondly, threat actors

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08 Jan 2019

Ransomware Corrupts 24,000 Patient Records of California Specialist

Three recent notifications of major cyber incidents in the healthcare sector, highlight the massive cybersecurity issues affecting the industry: The Podiatric Offices of Bobby Yee experienced a ransomware attack in which the medical records of up to 24,000 patients were corrupted and perhaps altered as well. Bankers Life, an associate

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23 Oct 2018

Hackers Breach Healthcare.gov, access the data of 75,000 users

“Hackers accessed sensitive personal data of more than 75,000 Healthcare.gov customers after one of its systems was breached, according to a Friday statement by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. According to the statement, CMS officials detected ‘anomalous system activity’ in the Federally Facilitated Exchanges system—one that health care

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17 Sep 2018

The New Apple Watch Is Going to Have More of Your Health Data Than Your Doctor

The recently announced Series 4 version of the Apple Watch will feature a hospital-grade electrocardiogram that will track user heart health over time and support an export-to-PDF functionality in order to share the information with the owner’s doctor. This shift is repositioning the device into a growing healthcare-wearable tech market

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22 Apr 2018

Artificial Intelligence and Health Care

This study centers on how computer-based decision procedures, under the broad umbrella of artificial intelligence (AI), can assist in improving health and health care. Although advanced statistics and machine learning provide the foundation for AI, there are currently revolutionary advances underway in the sub-field of neural networks. This has created

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