20 Dec 2019

How Medical AI Can Save Patients From Excessive Exposure To Radiation

The potential of AI to transform the medical industry has received widespread media and public attention, however, some of its specific uses are not well known. A limited number of companies have begun to utilize AI in health care for the purposes of medical imaging, constructing 3D models out of

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19 Dec 2019

Canadian Lab Test Provider Pays Ransom to Secure Hacked Data

Canadian lab test provider LifeLabs made headlines last week after announcing that 15 million customers’ data was leaked in a massive ransomware attack that occurred in late October. The information exposed included health card numbers, emails, names, logins, dates of birth, and passwords and effected customers located primarily in Ontario

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18 Dec 2019

LifeLabs pays hackers to recover data of 15 million customers

A Canadian laboratory that provides diagnostics and testing services, LifeLabs, admitted yesterday to paying hackers to retrieve stolen data that resulted from a security breach last month. Although it remains unclear how much LifeLabs paid the hackers to recover the data, LifeLabs stated that the hackers breached their systems and

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26 Nov 2019

Over 38 Million Healthcare Records Exposed in Breaches Over 2019

From January through October of this year, more than 38 million health records were exposed, lost or stolen, compared to just over 12 million throughout 2018, new research published in HIPAA Journal shows. The number of exposed records still falls short of the 2015 record of 114 million, which was largely

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08 Nov 2019

New Study: Hospital Breaches Could Be Killing Patients

Research by Vanderbilt University and the University of Central Florida implies that data breaches affecting hospitals could have deadly consequences, as mortality rates at hospitals that suffered a breach significantly increased in the three years following a breach. Among the most dangerous observed effects of data breaches was an increase

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18 Oct 2019

Mission Health online store hijack went undetected for years

Mission Health, a health services provider in North Carolina, suffered a breach of its web store that went undiscovered for over three years. The campaign can be considered a Magecart attack, since hackers injected card skimming malware into the online store in order to harvest the payment card data of visitors.

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16 Oct 2019

Florida Women’s Clinic Warns 520,000 Patients of Data Breach

In April of this year, North Florida OB-GYN, an organization providing specialized health care for women, suffered a cyberattack impacting the private data of 528,188 patients, the clinic announced this week. North Florida OB-GYN discovered the breach in early May, about a week after it happened, and launched an investigation

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07 Oct 2019

DCH Hospital Pays Ryuk Ransomware for Decryption Key

Community-owned DCH Health System in Alabama, which was hit by a ransomware attack earlier this month, has paid the attackers in order to receive a decryption key for the Ryuk ransomware that had infected its systems. The attack forced three regional hospitals in Tuscaloosa, Fayette and Northportto, to begin turning

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03 Oct 2019

Ransomware Hits Hundreds of US Schools, Local Governments: Study

In the first nine months of this year, the growing ransomware epidemic has hit at least 621 government, healthcare and educational entities, a new report by Emsisoft shows. The study indicates that the reliance of victims on cyber security insurance is actually boosting the profitability of these campaigns and “incentivizes further

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02 Oct 2019

Ransomware Attacks Leave US Hospitals Turning Away Patients

Several hospitals in the United States and Australia suffered disruptive cyberattacks this week. On Tuesday, the community-owned DCH Health System in Alabama was hit by a ransomware attack that forced three regional hospitals in Tuscaloosa, Fayette and Northportto, to start turning away “all but the most critical new patients.” In

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