11 Mar 2022

Could Russian Hackers Cripple U.S. Health Care Systems?

Sick people seeking lifesaving care in the United States could fall victim to a hidden part of Russia’s war on Ukraine — vicious cyberattacks aimed at sowing disruption, confusion and chaos as ground forces advance. Cybersecurity experts warn that attacks launched against Ukrainian institutions have the potential to spill over into

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29 Oct 2021

Machine learning can revolutionize healthcare, but it also carries legal risks

As machine learning and artificial intelligence have become ubiquitous in healthcare, questions have arisen about their potential impacts. And as Matt Fisher, general counsel for the virtual care platform Carium, pointed out, those potential impacts can, in turn, leave organizations open to possible liabilities. “It’s still an emerging area,” Fisher explained

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22 Sep 2021

UN releases funds to save Afghan health system from collapse

$45 million in emergency funds were released by the United Nations aid chief to prevent Afghanistan’s healthcare system from collapsing. The funds were released from the UN’s Central Emergency Response Fund as medical supplies, medications nad fuel are running out in the country.  Afghanistan’s health care delivery system could fall

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26 Aug 2021

“Sophisticated” Cyber-Attack Compromises Patient Data at Private Health Clinic

In Singapore, Eye & Retina Surgeons revealed that over 73,000 patients were affected by a sophisticated cyberattack. The private medical clinic released a statement earlier this week, revealing that the attack took place on August 6. The cyberattack compromised sensitive data such as patients’ names, addresses, ID card numbers, contact

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10 Aug 2021

Artificial Intelligence may diagnose dementia in a day

Scientists are currently exploring whether an artificial intelligence system may be capable of diagnosing demetia after just one brain scan. The AI machine could also predict whether the condition of the patient will remain stable for years, need immediate treatment, or slowly deteriorate. It currently takes several scans and tests

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15 Jun 2021

VA Integrates Extended Reality Technology Across Sites and Treatments

The Veteran’s Affairs Department is deploying an improvement program for its extended reality technologies to allow for the department to determine the utility of virtual reality (VR) in falls risk assessments, neurological assessment, palliative care, procedural use, and other functions. The technology will be delivered to VA hospitals across the

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23 Mar 2021

FDA authorizes first AI-powered armband for COVID-19 screening

The first artificial intelligence-powered device for Covid-19 monitoring has been authorized by the Federal Drug Administration. The device uses machine learning, AI, light sensors, and other technology to sense blood flow and ensure that Covid-19 patients are at risk for blood clotting. The device was created by Tiger Tech Solutions

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19 Mar 2021

As Covid-19 deaths soar in Brazil, Bolsonaro says there’s a ‘war’ against him

In Brazil, more than 45,000 people have died due to Covid-19 in just the past month. President Jair Bolsonaro came forth last week and stated that he feels the Brazilian public is staging a war against him personally. Bolsonaro gave a speech during which he blamed the massive number of

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11 Dec 2020

OODAcast: Juan Enriquez On Technology, Ethics and the Future

Juan Enriquez has succeeded as a businessman, academic, author and lecturer. For those who might not have met him via any of his many appearances and presentations, he can be succinctly described as an authority on the economic and political impacts of life sciences and a thinker able to help frame the much needed discussions we all need to have on ethics. He serves on the discovery council at Harvard Medical School and was the founding director of Harvard Business School’s Life Sciences Project. He are currently the managing director of Excel Venture Management, a life sciences VC firm. OODA is a community of practitioners so we want to underscore that he doesn’t just write and talk about tech, he founds and leads companies that create tech, including the firm that made the world’s first synthetic life form.

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06 Nov 2020

VA Makes Moves to 3D Print and Produce Medical Devices In-House

The Veteran’s Affairs Health Administration has been developing medical device manufacturing facilities within their hospitals in hopes of 3D printing medical equipment. The VA is aiming to personalize its patient care and steer the production of health-related instruments. Additive manufacturing solutions provider 3D systems announced on Thursday that it is

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