04 Oct 2021

Hackers as Global Private Contractors is a Pandora’s Box You Do Not Want to Open

The U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) recently fined three former National Security Agency (NSA) hackers who worked as service contractors for a United Arab Emirates (UAE) cybersecurity company named DarkMatter. These three individuals were not the only former ex-U.S. Intelligence officers working for the company. DarkMatter employed more than a dozen former NSA hackers who would use the skills and techniques learned from the NSA to help the UAE target and compromise the phones and computers of its enemies. These “enemies” included human rights activists, journalists, and political rivals. At the core of this issue is the fact that these ex-intelligence operatives used cutting-edge cyber-espionage tools learned from their time in the U.S. Intelligence Community on behalf of a foreign intelligence service.

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24 Aug 2021

Hackers Leak Footage of Iranian Prison

Hacking group Edalat-e Ali has allegedly released silent videos capturing the living conditions inside Tehran’s Evin Prison after compromising their systems and accessing surveillance footage. The prison typically houses political prisoners, according to reports. Iran International confirmed that they received the images and video footage from the hacking group on

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29 Jul 2021

Hackers used never-before-seen wiper in recent attack on Iranian train system

Researchers at cybersecurity company SentinelOne recently released a report detailing a recent cyberattack on Iran’s train system. The report identifies a new threat actor dubbed MeteorExpress and a previously unknown wiper. The attack was initially reported by local news outlets on July 9, stating that hackers were defacing display screens

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02 Apr 2021

North Korean hackers are targeting researchers through fake offensive security firm

A North Korean hacking group has created a fake offensive security firm. For strategic context on the meaning of this activity and what business leaders should do about it see: C-Suite Considerations Regarding Current Geopolitical Tensions The actors are believed to be state sponsored by North Korea’s ruling party and

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15 Jan 2021

Hackers Leak Stolen Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine Data

After a cyberattack on the EMA, the Pfizer and BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine information has been leaked on the internet. The EMa is in charge of the evaluation and supervision of medicinal products in the E.U. In December, threat agencies broke into the server to access COVID-19 vaccine documentation.  The regulatory

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09 Dec 2020

Nation-State Hackers Breached FireEye, Stole Its Red Team Tools

FireEye, a cybersecurity firm known for its incident response reports, announced yesterday that it had been breached by nation-state hackers, blaming Russia for the attack. The company is working with both law enforcement such as the FBI and Microsoft to investigate the attack and uncover more details. According to FireEye

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14 May 2020

Cyberwar Was Coming: A Reflection on the 25 Year Old Thesis that Predicted a Generation of Cyberconflict

“You’ve got to read what this kid is writing out of his basement at the University of Vermont…”  – recently retired CIA officer to intelligence and military colleagues in 1994. A candid 25 year retrospective on a thesis that launched a tremendous amount of dialogue and action on the issues of information warfare, cyberterrorism, and cybersecurity.

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22 Jan 2020

FBI Warns Job Applicants of Scams Using Spoofed Company Sites

The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center issued a public service announcement warning Americans about scammers setting up spoofed company websites with fake job listings to target applicants. The announcement was released yesterday and states that since early 2019, victims have reported numerous examples of the type of scam to the

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06 Dec 2019

US Sets $5 Million Bounty For Russian Hacker Behind Zeus Banking Thefts

Maksim Yakubets and his associates are accused of stealing tens of millions of dollars using Zeus and Dridex malware. The Department of Justice, the FBI, and the US State Department announced on Thursday that they are offering a $5 million reward for information leading to the arrest of Yakubets or

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19 Nov 2019

Macy’s Customer Payment Info Stolen in MageCart Data Breach

American department store chain Macy’s announced that they suffered a data breach in October, resulting in customer payment information being exposed. The attack, called a MageCart attack, involves hackers compromising a website and using malicious scripts to steal information submitted when a customer purchases an item. Macy’s was not aware

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