24 Jul 2020

Russia’s GRU Hackers Hit US Government and Energy Targets

Russia’s GRU intelligence agency has been responsible for some of the most aggressive cyberattacks in history, including blackouts and destructive worms. The group was also tied to a massive misinformation campaign as well as a hacking and leaking operation that was created to skew the outcome of the 2016 US

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21 Feb 2020

The US Blames Russia’s GRU for Sweeping Cyberattacks in Georgia

On Thursday, State Department officials released a statement alleging that the GRU, a Russiam military intelligence agency, was responsible for cyberattacks that targeted Georgia in October. The attacks took down or defaced thousands of websites and disrupted the broadcasts of two television stations. Administration officials stated that the US and

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09 May 2018

Who’s Who in Russian Cyber Espionage Operations

The following overview of Russian espionage operations was extracted from the excellent Report on Russian Security Issues, released by the country of Estonia. As a discipline, cyber espionage in Russia is quite old. The KGB had top-level technical capabilities for spying on the West. Signals intelligence of the time encompassed

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