20 Jul 2021

Researchers Create Drone Swarms That Can Detect Gas Leaks, Other Threats

New research has pointed towards the creation of the first autonomous small drone swarm capable of detecting gas leaks, chemical threats, and mapping without the aid of GPS systems. The research may be pertinent to the military, where there has been an increasing interest in small drones that are able

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20 Oct 2020

Google’s Waze Can Allow Hackers to Identify and Track Users

Google’s Waze app contains a serious security vulnerability that allows hackers to identify users and track their locations. The flaw has since been patched and was an API flaw that allowed security researcher Peter Gasper to use the app to uncover the true identity of drivers using it. Gasper is

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14 Jul 2020

How Autonomous Cars Are Overcoming GPS Signal Loss With Radar

Self-driving vehicles rely heavily on advanced GPS services to navigate through regions, however, many streets’ GPS signals are blocked by tall buildings. This poses a risk to the autonomous cars, as they could lose signals due to obscuration or because radio waves are bouncing around surroundings. The Council on Tall

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09 Apr 2020

The Technology That Could Free America From Quarantine

Several countries are currently using a tactic called tracing, otherwise known as tracking or contact tracing, to identify all of the people someone infected with COVID-19 may have come into contact with while they were contagious. Although testing can help to combat the outbreak of the virus by letting people

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28 Aug 2019

The 5G Supply Chain Blind Spot: A more concerted effort to assess risk from the services supplied by our adversaries is required

Winning the worldwide “race to 5G” is a top priority for the United States. As the global competition unfolds, we have continued to hear about the technological and economic benefits associated with leadership in the wireless domain. Earlier this year, CTIA, a trade association representing the wireless communications industry, released a report that said, “America’s telecommunications operators plan to invest $275 billion to deploy 5G networks, creating 3 million new jobs and adding $500 billion to our economy.” Even though the benefits are undeniable, the U.S. has not relented on the critical security risks that must also be accounted for prior to large-scale nationwide investments in 5G infrastructure.

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08 Aug 2019

US government warns of Iranian threats to commercial shipping, including GPS interference

Iran is responsible for GPS interference reported by multiple vessels in the Persian Gulf, the US Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration warned on Wednesday. The department also said that “unknown entities” in the area have been “claiming to be US or coalition warships” to international vessels. According to one US

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27 Mar 2019

Russia Regularly Spoofs Regional GPS

Extensive research by the Center for Advanced Defense (C4ADS) has found evidence that Russia has spoofed global positioning data of the global navigation satellite system (GNSS) on almost 10,000 different occasions over the last three years. Ships and autonomous vehicle systems rely on GNSS for navigation. The findings of the

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16 Aug 2018

Google tracks users who turn off location history

Researchers have found that Google still collects user location data even when location tracking has been disabled. The company does through by storing a location snapshot when the Maps application is opened, as well as through weather updates and even Google searches not related to location. In order to prevent

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07 Aug 2018

Pentagon Prohibits Personnel From Using GPS Services in All ‘Operational Areas’

“The Defense Department on Monday issued an order barring all personnel from using geolocation services on their personal and government-issued devices in all ‘operational areas.’ The policy, which applies to smartphones, tablets, fitness trackers, smartwatches and all other applications with geolocation features, goes into effect immediately. ‘The rapidly evolving market of

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