09 Jun 2021

Illinois County Stricken with Grief after Cyberattack

A new organized cybercrime gang called Grief claims to have stolen sensitive data belonging to St. Clair County in Illinois. As a result, the county disabled its website on June 2, claiming that the move was made out of an abundance of caution following the cyberattack. The Grief ransomware group

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07 Jun 2021

Supreme Court Limits Scope of Controversial Hacking Law

The Supreme Court has ruled that a police officer in Georgia who received money for obtaining data from a law-enforcement database for an associate did not violate a controversial federal hacking law. This may mark a victory for the ethical hacking community as it sets a limiting precedent to the

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03 Jun 2021

Pentagon Experiments with Self-Driving Shuttles at San Diego Military Base

The Pentagon has confirmed a cooperative involvement between driverless technology provider Robotic Research, Verizon Public Sector, and the Marine Corps, stating that the trio will collaborate on a pilot project to explore the use of autonomous shuttles at the Marine Corps Air Station in San Diego. Other companies involved in

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02 Jun 2021

US Seizes Attacker Domains Used in USAID Phishing Campaign

The United States has seized two command and control malware distribution domains that were utilized in a recently disclosed spearphishing campaign that impersonated email communications from the US Agency for International Development (USAID). The attack was disclosed by Microsoft and Volexity last week, and the operation has been attributed to

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01 Jun 2021

More than 150 children are missing in latest Nigeria kidnapping raid

In the north-central Nigerian state of Niger, students from an Islamic school were allegedly indiscriminately shot and abducted on Sunday by a group of armed bandits, according to state police. At least one person has been confirmed dead as a result of the incident, which marks that latest event in

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26 May 2021

Agencies Are Getting Good at Buying AI But Still Have Trouble Securing It

As agencies begin to implement more artificial intelligence systems and other advanced technologies into their operations, the struggle has shifted from the actual purchase of the tech to being able to effectively secure the technologies. Jessica Clark, a Homeland Security Department procurement official stated that although the department is able

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26 May 2021

Mali’s vice president ousts president and prime minister from office, assumes power

On Tuesday, Mali’s transitional vice president Assimi Goita stated that he had removed the transitional president and prime minister from power, assuming the role of the top government official in the country. The announcement confirmed reports from several international groups that the leaders had been ousted by another member of

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10 May 2021

Israeli Court Delays Ruling on Possible East Jerusalem Evictions

On Sunday, Israel’s Supreme Court postponed a scheduled ruling on whether to evict Palestinian families from an East Jerusalem neighborhood. The move comes as the contested holy city is witnessing its worst levels of violence in years. Tensions have resulted in injures to hundreds of protestors and more than a

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05 May 2021

Israel’s Netanyahu Fails to Form New Government

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has failed to form a new government prior to a deadline, a development that could potentially end his 15-year rule if his opponents are successful in putting together their own alternative coalition. The country’s president is expected to offer Mr. Netanyahu’s rivals a chance to

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03 May 2021

TurgenSec finds 345,000 files from Filipino solicitor-general’s office were breached

According to UK cybersecurity firm TurgenSec, roughly 345,000 sensitive files from the solicitor-general of the Phillippines have been leaked. Some of the information exposed pertains to ongoing legal cases, threatening the integrity of trials. The breached information was left publicly available, says TurgenSec. When TurgenSec discovered the security incident in

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