05 Jan 2021

10 of 15 of DOD’s Major IT Projects Are Behind Schedule, GAO Found

The Government Accountability Office has found that 10 out of 15 of the Department of Defense’s IT projects are behind schedule. The Defense Department’s programs consist of software development approaches seeking to avoid cost increases and schedule delays for information technology systems. However, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) also found

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10 Oct 2018

GAO: Vulnerabilities Plague ‘Entire Generation’ of U.S. Weapons Systems

A recently-issued report from the Government Accountability Office indicates that U.S. weapons systems are full of cybersecurity vulnerabilities that could allow adversaries to shut them down or control them. “From 2012-2017, DoD testers routinely found mission-critical cyber vulnerabilities in nearly all weapons systems that were under development.” The report listed

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26 Jul 2018

Congress wants DoD to hold a national cyber response exercise

Although it has not included a deadline, Congress has proposed high-level exercise led by the DoD in cooperation with the DHS and FBI to prepare civilian agencies to respond to attacks on critical infrastructure. Responding to lawmakers’ claims that the DoD has not adequately prepared, DOD’s CYBERCOM has emphasized that

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01 Jun 2018

Global Train and Equip counter-terrorism programs ridden with “stunning failures”

Since 2006, the U.S. has invested billions of dollars into anti-terrorism capacity building around the world. But according to a recent Government Accountability Office report, the implementation, effectiveness, and sustainability of the programs are questionable. Given reasons for the failures include program design, procurement, follow-through failures among partner nations, staffing

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31 May 2018

Pentagon Lacking Accurate Property Inventory

While progress has been made towards updating inventory systems, the Defense Department is still unable to provide Congress with a sufficiently specific inventory to allow for a “practical analysis of where cost-saving cuts may be made,” according to a recent Government Accountability Office report. This inability is one of the leading

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