04 Sep 2020

Microscopes Powered by Google’s AI Could Change Cancer Diagnostics

New medical technology, AI-microscopes, could change how doctors detect cancer. This would begin the first stage of fulfilling industry goals of applying artificial intelligence to medical imagery in detecting various illnesses and health issues. In the initiatives first step, the Defense Innovation Unit awarded a contract to Google Cloud to

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02 Sep 2020

Google and Apple Change Tactics on Contact Tracing Tech

In April, Apple and Google announced that they would team up to combat COVID-19 outbreaks and the ongoing pandemic through developing a contact tracing app utilizing Bluetooth signals from smartphones. The contact tracing was designed to help alert users to potential exposures, as well as help public health officials to

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25 Aug 2020

Google Fixes High-Severity Chrome Browser Code Execution Bug

Google Chrome users will receive a patch later this week that fixes a severe vulnerability that can be manipulated by attackers to execute arbitrary code. The flaw lied in the Chrome 85 stable channel, however, has since been fixed by the company. The flaw is a bug in the WebGL

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24 Aug 2020

Google Offering Near Real-Time Maps of Wildfire Boundaries

Google has announced that it will launch new features that alert California residents to wildfires burning throughout the state. The feature will provide residents with information about the fires, including maps of their boundaries, within the company’s Maps offering, and in the Google search engine. Google plans to use data

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04 Aug 2020

Google Bans Ads Linking to Hacked Political Content

Google has decided to block ads that contain hacked political content in an effort to prevent their platforms from being used for interference in the 2020 US Presidential election. Google’s move appears to be a preventative measure due to the occurrences of the last election in which damaging material was

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03 Jun 2020

Two Critical Android Bugs Open Door to RCE

In June updates, Google and Qualcomm addressed significant vulnerabilities affected Andriod users that could lead to remote code execution (RCE) on applicable devices. The bugs, CVE-2020-0117, and CVE-2020-8597 affect Andriod versions 8 to 10 and can allow for RCE in the context of a privileged process. An attacker could potentially

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28 May 2020

Amazon Said To Be In Talks To Buy Self-Driving Startup Zoox

Amazon is allegedly in talks with self-driving car company Zoox, looking to expand into the autonomous vehicle world. Zoox is a developer of robotaxi technology that has reportedly received other offers besides Amazon’s. The purchase terms would value the startup below the estimated market value of $3.2 billion, which was

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27 May 2020

State-Based Contact-Tracing Apps Could Be a Mess

Worldwide, governments have been exploring contact tracing options that utilize technology, aiming to combat the spread of COVID-19. The United States has not done so yet, and it seems as though the apps will be deployed on a state-to-state basis, leaving room for potential backlash or deliberation over which states

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21 May 2020

Crooks Tap Google Firebase in Fresh Phishing Tactic

Researchers have uncovered a new series of phishing campaigns that use Google Firebase storage URLs, stating that the threat actors are leveraging the reputation of cloud infrastructure created by Google to lure victims. The phishing campaign begins with spam emails that prompt victims to click on a Firebase link inside

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15 May 2020

Utah Says No to Apple/Google COVID-19 Tracing; Debuts Startup App

A new startup company called Twenty Holding has developed an app called “Healthy Together” that will aid in contact tracing for the Coronavirus in Utah. Healthy Together uses location data that includes GPS, cell tower triangulation, and bluetooth to distinguish users and Coronavirus transmission zones. Contact tracers can use the

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