18 Jul 2018

Google hit with record $5 billion EU antitrust fine

Antitrust regulators from the EU have fined Google a record $5 billion dollars for its use of “Android as a vehicle to cement the dominance of its search engine.” While the fine would hardly dent the $102.9 billion in cash reserves held by Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc., Google must

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28 Jun 2018

Google’s Withdrawal from Pentagon AI Project Risks U.S. Lives, Says former Deputy Defense Secretary

“Google’s decision to withdraw from some Pentagon business following an internal revolt is creating a moral hazard for itself and its employees, former Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work said.” At the Defense One Tech Summit this week, Work argued that the company should also consider the ability of A.I. to

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18 Jun 2018

Google investing $550 million in Chinese e-commerce giant JD.com

Expanding its holdings in the competitive and fast-growing Asian market, Google is investing over half a billion dollars in the Chinese e-commerce giant JD.com. The Google-JD.com agreement is designed to promote JD.com products on Google’s shopping platform and expand the company into the U.S. and Europe from its regional base

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09 Jun 2018

Google bans AI for weapons use

“Google has promised not to use AI for weapons, following protests over its partnership with the US military. A decision to provide machine-learning tools to analyse drone footage caused some employees to resign. Google told employees last week it would not renew its contract with the US Department of Defense

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04 Jun 2018

Reports: Google won’t renew Pentagon contract to use AI

Although Google has declined comment on the matter, Google’s decision to remove itself from Pentagon A.I. partnership comes after a widely circulated petition at the company and several resignations protesting the use of Google technology for warfare. The technology in question was that of Google’s AI algorithms to improve drone

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18 May 2018

Is Quantum Computing Ushering in an Era of No More Secrets?

In one of my favorite movies of all time, a brilliant mathematician creates a device capable of breaking the encryption used for air traffic control, global banking, and other critical applications. His company Setec Astronomy (an anagram for Too Many Secrets) has created such a powerful secret breaking device that

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