14 Jun 2021

Google researchers show artificial intelligence can design microchips better and faster than humans

According to a new study, artificial intelligence machines can now create computer microchips in just six hours that perform better or just as well as those designed by human experts. Therefore, AI can devise blueprints thousands of times faster than humans. The new research was conducted by Google and is

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07 Jun 2021

Google PPC Ads Used to Deliver Infostealers

Researchers have traced the origins of several increasingly popular information stealers, including Tesla, Taurus, Amadey, and redline. The investigation found that threat actors are delivering the information stealers through pay-per-click ads that appear in Google’s search results, allegedly paying high prices for results for AnyDesk, Dropbox, and Telegram apps that

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21 May 2021

Microsoft, Google Clouds Hijacked for Gobs of Phishing

Attackers are targeting Microsoft and Google Clouds to perform mass phishing attempts, sending roughly 52 million malicious messages leveraging the likes of Office 385, Azure, OneDrive, SharePoint, G-Suite, and Firebase storage. The reported influx in phishing attempts was recorded in Q1 of 2021 and is likely a result of threat

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17 May 2021

‘Scheme Flooding’ Allows Websites to Track Users Across Browsers

Security researchers have discovered a new vulnerability that allows browsers to enumerate applications on a machine, threatening cross-browser anonymity in popular search engines such as Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Tor. The vulnerability is referred to as “scheme flooding,” and allows websites to identify users across different desktop browsers,

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07 May 2021

Google Plans to Automatically Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Google is planning to eventually automatically enable two-factor authentication on users’ accounts to better secure them and prevent hacking. Google made the announcement on World Password Day, stating that it will ask people who have already enrolled themselves in the two-step verification feature to confirm their participation. Those who have

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03 May 2021

Facebook, Google, Twitter caution Australia against a blanket terrorism content ban

On Friday, representatives from Google, Facebook, and Twitter appeared before an Australian security committee to warn them against banning all mentions of content deemed inappropriate on Australian social media. The tech giants appeared as a united front, hoping to sink the idea that they are collaborating to thwart nefarious activity,

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16 Apr 2021

Google to Delay Publishing Bug Details for 30 Days

Google has announced that they will not publish vulnerabilities details for 30 days after the initial public disclosure, allowing customers more time to fix the bugs and implement patches before technical details are released that could potentially be used by an attacker to exploit the flaw. Google’s Project Zero team

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15 Apr 2021

100,000 Google Sites Used to Install SolarMarket RAT

Hackers are currently utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to direct users seeking common business forums such as invoices, receipts, or other templates to redirect them to hacker-controlled domains. According to eSentire’s Threat Response Unit, attackers are currently in possession of more than 100,000 malicious Google sites that seem legitimate

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14 Apr 2021

Google Patches More Under-Attack Chrome Zero-days

Google has moved to patch more Chrome zero-days that are actively under attack as it seems as though Google’s problems with in-the-wild Chrome zero-days are multiplying rapidly. The vulnerabilities patched affect Windows, macOS, and Linux users, pertaining to CVE-2021-21206 and CVE-2021-21220. Google did not provide any other details on the

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02 Apr 2021

North Korean hackers are targeting researchers through fake offensive security firm

A North Korean hacking group has created a fake offensive security firm. For strategic context on the meaning of this activity and what business leaders should do about it see: C-Suite Considerations Regarding Current Geopolitical Tensions The actors are believed to be state sponsored by North Korea’s ruling party and

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