22 Aug 2019

Amazon, Microsoft, May be Putting World at Risk of Killer AI, Says Report

A new report by Dutch NGO Pax suggests that Microsoft, Amazon and various other major tech companies may be putting the world at risk by developing or planning to develop autonomous weapons. The study scrutinized 50 major tech companies to see if they were involved in military artificial intelligence (AI)

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22 Aug 2019

Companies Act to Defend Privacy of Kazakhstanis

Google and Mozilla this week took steps to undermine the efforts of the Kazakhstan government to intercept all HTTPS traffic within its borders. Kazakhstan started the practice last month. A report by Censored Planet found evidence that the government was ordering local Internet providers to enforce the installation of a

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19 Aug 2019

8 million Android users tricked into downloading 85 adware apps from Google Play

Once again, researchers have uncovered a major adware scheme on the Google Play Store. According to Trend Micro, threat actors managed to upload 85 malicious apps to the official Android app store. The apps gathered over 8 million total installs before they were removed. Ecular Xu of Trend Micro said

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16 Aug 2019

Google Estimates 1.5% of Web Logins Exposed in Data Breaches

A new Google report based on data recorded by the Password Checkup browser extension for Chrome shows that 1.5% of web logins involved credentials that have been exposed in a data breach. The extension anonymously checks hashes against a massive database of credentials that have been compromised in a breach.

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12 Aug 2019

Phishing emails: Here’s why we are still getting caught out after all these years

New figures from Google help to explain why phishing attacks, which have been around for decades, are still a massive threat. Every day Google blocks over 100 millions phishing emails, about two-thirds (68%) of which are new campaigns. Phishing campaigns target users in certain sectors far more often than regular

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12 Jul 2019

Google defends letting human workers listen to Assistant voice conversations

In response to a report by Belgian public broadcaster VRT NWS showing that Google lets human workers listen to audio captured by Google Assistant software, the tech giant acknowledges that its language experts review 0.2 percent of all audio snippets recorded by its virtual assistant. Google justifies this practicing by

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10 Jul 2019

1,300 Popular Android Apps Access Data Without Proper Permissions

Merely avoiding apps that ask for permissions to gather geolocation data and other personal data is not an effective strategy for privacy-conscious Android users because apps often collect data without consent, new research by the International Computer Science Institute shows. The researchers found over 1,300 privacy-violating Android apps available on

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01 Jul 2019

This Scary Game Stole Passwords From Thousands of Android Users

Security researchers with Wandera recently discovered that a seemingly legitimate Android mobile game available on Google Play actually targeted users with adware, and phishing attacks aimed at stealing Google account credentials. The game, called Scary Granny, was downloaded by 50,000 users before Google was informed about is malicious nature by

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03 Jun 2019

Google is facing an imminent antitrust investigation from the US Justice Department

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) is preparing an antitrust investigation into Google, the Wall Street Journal reported last Friday. Anonymous sources told the newspaper that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is letting the DOJ carry out the probe. The FTC has investigated Google in 2011 and 2013, but the

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24 May 2019

Mobile Chrome, Safari, and Firefox failed to show phishing warnings for more than a year

A team of researchers from Arizona State University and PayPal staff discovered that mobile browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari put users at risk between mid-2017 and late 2018 by not showing any phishing warnings to users connecting to blacklisted websites. This issue had to do with the mobile version

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