16 Apr 2019

Google’s location history data shared routinely with police

An investigation by The New York Times reveals that Google regularly shares location data of users with US law enforcement, and that requests for this data have surged in the last six months. Google stores the location information of users that have the Location History feature enabled in a system

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12 Apr 2019

EU beats Google to the punch in setting strategy for ethical A.I.

Earlier this week, the European Union published a possible strategy for making ethics a fundamental part of artificial intelligence (AI) research and development. According to European Commissioner Andrus Ansip, “[t]he ethical dimension of AI is not a luxury feature or an add-on.” Instead, he believes that “[i]t is only with

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01 Apr 2019

Google: Malware in Google Play doubled in 2018 because of click-fraud apps

According to Google’s annual Android security report [pdf], installs of malicious apps from the Google Play Store increased by 100% in 2018. However, the company claims that the reported increase is a result of its decision to start considering click-fraud applications, also called adware, as “potentially harmful apps” (PHAs). Since adware

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18 Mar 2019

Google Took Down 2.3 Billion Bad Ads in 2018

Figures released by Google last week highlight how widespread cybercrime has become. Last year, the company took down 2.3 billion bad ads, 58.8 million of which were phishing ads. 207,000 of the adds were for ticket resellers and over 531,000 for bail bonds. Google stepped up its efforts to fight

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14 Mar 2019

Researchers expose massive mobile adware and data stealing campaigns with 250 million downloads

In the latest sign that Google is failing to keep dangerous applications from appearing on the Play Store, researchers with Check Point Research have uncovered two malicious campaigns labeled SimBad and Operation Sheep that together affect over 250 Android users across the globe. SimBad is adware that has been found

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08 Mar 2019

The Cyber Threat Analysis Report Volume 1 Edition 2

Fresh off of RSA – OODA Network Expert Michael Tanji provides insightful analysis of the most recent and significant cyber news.

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08 Mar 2019

Google: Chrome zero-day was used together with a Windows 7 zero-day

Threat actors have been exploiting a recently patched security flaw in Google Chrome by combining the flaw with a vulnerability affecting Windows 7 machines. The combination of vulnerabilities is critical, as it can enable hackers to take over targeted computers. While Windows is working to find a fix for the

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19 Feb 2019

Google Earth accidentally reveals secret military sites

Google has accidentally revealed the locations of various secret Taiwanese military sites through an update of its 3D satellite imagery platform Google Earth. The update includes new 3D depictions of the Taiwanese cities Taipei and Taichung and the special municipalities New Taipei and Taoyuan. This allows users to see various Taiwanese military sites, including

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07 Feb 2019

Clever Phishing Attack Enlists Google Translate to Spoof Login Page

Akamai researchers have uncovered a new and unique phishing campaign. As in all phishing campaigns, the threat actors are out to obtain sensitive information from victims. In this case, they want to trick victims into filling out their Facebook and Google login credentials on a fake website. However, instead of creating

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06 Feb 2019

Google Reveals A Big Problem With Passwords On Safer Internet Day

Yesterday was Safer Internet Day, the purpose of which is to draw attention to issues relating to Internet security and privacy, and to educate people about these topics. For this purpose, Google partnered up with Harris Poll to conduct a study(PDF) on online security. The research found that 69% of survey

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