21 Jan 2022

Google Finally Pushes Into Blockchain and Crypto — Is the Metaverse Next?

It was only six months ago that Google began accepting ads for cryptocurrency wallets, loosening a 2-year-old crypto ban that had only allowed a few well-regulated exchanges onto its ad platform. Now, it’s building a new blockchain division and teaming up with crypto firms including the Coinbase exchange and payment processor

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04 Jan 2022

Big US banks are slowly embracing cloud services like AWS, Azure, and GCP, after hesitating for years due to regulation, cyberattacks, and old infrastructure

Michael W. Lucas made big plans to take a trip around the world in March 2020. He arranged to travel from his home in Detroit to Tokyo, then attend conferences in Hong Kong and Bangalore, India, before making a final stop in Paris. But on his first attempt to buy plane

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03 Jan 2022

2022 will be the biggest year for the metaverse so far

2022 is poised to be the biggest year yet for “the metaverse,” as Facebook parent Meta, Apple, Microsoft and Google gear up to release new hardware products and software services in what so far has been a niche market for early adopters. The “metaverse” describes software and hardware that allow users

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28 Dec 2021

Russia Fines Google $100m Over “Illegal” Content

Russia has fined Google a record-breaking $100 million after the company allegedly failed to remove banned content. A Russian court issued the financial penalty on Friday in response to Google’s lack of action against the unauthorized content. Even though the fine is one of the largest of its kind ever

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08 Dec 2021

Google Takes Down Glupteba Botnet; Files Lawsuit Against Operators

Google’s Threat Analysis Group has taken down the blockchain-enabled botnet known as Glupteba, which consists of roughly 1 million compromised Windows and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Glupteba is able to expand at a rate of thousands of new devices per day, according to Google’s researchers. The botnet spreads via

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29 Nov 2021

Google Cybersecurity Action Team Releases First Cloud Threat Intel Report

Google’s Cybersecurity Action Team was launched in early October of this year, as part of the company’s $10 billion pledge to strengthen cybersecurity, all of which grew out of the launch in August, by CISA Director Jen Easterly, of the CISA JCDC (Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative). Google is a partner company with CISA in the JCDC. The Cybersecurity Action Team’s efforts begin with Google Cloud. They recently released their first publicly available intelligence offering – Threat Horizons, Cloud Threat Intelligence, November 2021, Issue 1.

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23 Nov 2021

The Metaverse is already here: 5 companies building our virtual reality future

If you believe Facebook, the future is a virtual reality “metaverse.” The tech giant, which changed its name to Meta last month, plans to invest $10 billion this year to develop products that support augmented and virtual reality — a robotic hand, high-tech VR glasses and sophisticated software applications, to name

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16 Nov 2021

New banking Trojan SharkBot makes waves across Europe, US

Cybersecurity researchers at Cleafy discovered a new Andriod banking Trojan that has the ability to circumvent multi-factor authentication controls via the abuse of the Automatic Transfer System (ATS). The trojan was discovered in October and does not appear to belong to any known malware family. Researchers have named the malware

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12 Nov 2021

Millions of Routers, IoT Devices at Risk from New Open-Source Malware

Researchers at AT&T AlienLabs have discovered newly surfaced malware that is difficult to detect and written in Google’s open-source programming language. Researchers beleive that the malware has the potential to exploit millions of routers and IoT devices. The malware has been named BotenaGo and can exploit more than 30 different

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12 Nov 2021

Google warns of hackers using macOS zero-day flaw to capture keystrokes, screengrabs

Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) has discovered attackers targeting visitors to websites in Hong Kong were using a previously unknown zero-day flaw in macOS to capture keystrokes and take screengrabs. Apple patched the bug in September, tracked as CVE-2021-30869, roughly a month after it was discovered by Google Researchers. Apple

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