29 Apr 2020

Sophisticated Android Spyware Attack Spreads via Google Play

Cybersecurity company Kaspersky has disclosed a new campaign targeting specific victims primarily in Southeast Asia that it’s dubbed the PhantomLance espionage campaign. Kaspersky believes that OceanLotus APT could be behind the attacks. The attacks are sophisticated and ongoing, targeting Andriod users in Asia. The campaign features complex spyware that is

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25 Mar 2020

Malware Found Hidden in Android Utility Apps, Children’s Games

Researchers have discovered a new malware family operating in 56 different apps previously available on Google’s Play Store. The applications have already been collectively downloaded almost a million times. The new malware, called Tekya, tries to commit mobile ad fraud by imitating user actions to click on malicious advertisements. Check

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02 Mar 2020

Google’s War on Android App Permissions, 60 Percent Successful

Android apps that needlessly ask for permissions to handset resources such as location data have been a top threat to privacy, according to Google. The company has issued a warning to Andriod app developers regarding the app permissions, which has consequently cut the number of requests in half. Google implemented

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09 Jan 2020

Google Removed Over 1.7K Joker Malware Infected Apps from Play Store

Google has removed 1,700 applications compromised by the Joker Android malware from its Google Play Store to protect consumers from the harmful software. The infected applications have been detected and removed since 2017 when the company began tracking the uploads. CSIS Security Group researchers found 24 apps with over 400,000

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