20 Dec 2021

Malicious Joker App Scores Half-Million Downloads on Google Play

Security researchers found the Joker malware back on the Google Play app, this time hidden in the Color Message app. The application was reportedly downloaded more than 500,000 times before it was removed from the platform. Users should immediately remove the application from their devices in order to mitigate any

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07 Nov 2019

New Android Threat: Google Confirms Malicious Apps Removed From Play Store—Uninstall Now

Researchers with Wandera have discovered yet another set of malicious apps on the Google Play Store. The seven apps included a calculator, an alarm clock, two flashlight apps and three magnifier apps. While the apps do not contain malware when installed, they are “droppers” designed to download malicious “payload” apps

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04 Nov 2019

Sketchy Android keyboard app with 40M downloads makes money off unauthorized purchases

A popular unofficial Android keyboard app that has been installed more than 40 million times, secretly engages in click-fraud and steals money from users by signing them up to paid subscriptions without their knowledge, researchers with Upstream have discovered. While the Ai.type app was actually booted from the Google Play

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25 Oct 2019

Blacklisted apps increase 20%, attackers focus on tax-branded key terms

The number of blacklisted mobile apps that are available on third-party app stores has increased by 20% in the second quarter of this year, a new RiskIQ report shows. These malicious apps make up 2% of all apps. Surprisingly, blacklisted app in the Google Play Store actually declined by 59%.

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24 Oct 2019

Millions downloaded dozens of Android apps on Google Play infected with adware

Once again, millions of Android users have been tricked into downloading malicious applications from the Play Store after threat actors managed to bypass the security checks Google has put in place to bar malware. Researchers with ESET have uncovered 42 malicious apps with a total of more than 8 million

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11 Oct 2019

Gaming, photo apps in Google Play infect Android handsets with malware

Last month, researchers with Dr. Web discovered that a number of apps on the Google Play Store were riddled with malware, including banking Trojans, adware, spyware, and info stealers. The malicious apps claimed to be games, tools, camera plugins or other seemingly legitimate software. Among the discovered malware samples was

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02 Oct 2019

New Google Android Warning As Malicious Apps Hit 300 Million Play Store Users

Despite Google’s efforts to keep the Play Store safe, cybercriminals keep sneaking malicious software onto the official Android app store. In September, security researchers found 172 malicious Android apps on the Play Store with a combined total of more than 335 million installations, a new report by ESET researcher Lukas

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26 Sep 2019

Google removes Android apps caught grossly overcharging users for basic features

A new report by Sophos Labs shows that certain Android developers have been trying to take advantage of users by charging large amounts of money for simple apps including calculators, QR or barcode readers and photo editors. Researchers found 24 apps charging users between $100 and $240 for basic tools.

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23 Sep 2019

VPN apps with 500M+ installs caught serving disruptive ads to Android users

Google Play has once again made the news because a security researcher discovered malicious apps on the official Android app store. Four VPN and antivirus apps by developers from Hong Kong and China were found serving ads in a malicious ways, such as running ads in the background or displaying

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06 Sep 2019

Joker Spyware Found in 24 Google Play Apps

Threat actors distributed a spyware strain dubbed “the Joker” via 24 apps on the Google Play Store, a security researcher has discovered. The malicious applications had been downloaded by 472,000 users in total before Google removed them from the official Android app store. The Joker was capable of stealing SMS

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