20 Jan 2023

OODA Almanac 2023 – Jagged Transitions

This is the 3rd installment of our OODA Almanac series which are intended to be a quirky forecasting of themes that the OODA Network think will be emergent each year.

The theme for last year was exponential disruption, which was carried through into our annual OODAcon event. This year’s theme is “jagged transitions” which is meant to invoke the challenges inherent in the adoption of disruptive technologies while still entrenched in low-entropy old systems and in the face of systemic global community threats and the risks of personal displacement.

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22 Aug 2022

It took Somali forces more than 30 hours to end a hotel attack that killed 21 people

On Sunday, Somali forces worked to end a deadly attack during which 21 individuals were killed and dozens more injured. The attack occurred when gunmen stormed a hotel in the capital and seized the building. It took Somali forces more than 30 hours to contain the gunmen and during this

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12 Apr 2022

Pakistan’s Shehbaz Sharif Becomes Prime Minister

On Monday, Shehbaz Sharif became the prime minister of Pakistan after a vote in the Parliament. Mr. Sharif will face difficulties at the very beginning of his term, such as high levels of political polarization and a deteriorating economy. Mr. Sharif has been the junior political partner to his older

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11 Mar 2022

Japanese and South Korean leaders agree to boost ties with US to tackle North Korea

Fumio Kishida, the Japanese Prime Minister, and South Korean president-elect Yoon Suk-yeol stated on Friday that the two countries planned to ramp up ties with the US to respond appropriately to North Korea’s evolving military threat. Kishida told reporters that the group plans to stay in close contact regarding the

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07 Dec 2021

China criticises US diplomatic boycott of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

China has condemned a US diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics, which are set to be held in Beijing, and threatened to retaliate. Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian stated that China was prepared to take resolute counter-measures, however, no details on what these measures would look like were offered.

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13 Oct 2021

Ethiopia Launches Offensive Against Tigray Forces

Ethiopian government forces have launched an assault against the northern region of Tigray, seeking to recapture the rebellious area. The offensive raises concerns about a more devastating humanitarian crisis within the region. According to the United Nations, the Tigray region is already in the grip of famine due to the

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22 Jun 2021

Ebrahim Raisi, ultra-conservative judiciary chief, wins Iran’s presidential vote amid historically low turnout

Ebrahim Raisi has won Iran’s presidential election amid historically low turnout. Raisi is a hardline judiciary chief with a brutal human rights record. Raisi has long opposed engagement with the West and boasts a close friendship with Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Most of Raisi’s former opponents for president were

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15 Jun 2021

Biden, NATO Stress Threats From China and Russia

US President Biden and NATO allies warned about China’s global influence, also identifying Russia as a threat to European security, as Biden sought to bolster an alliance at the NATO conference held yesterday in Brussels. Disputes between the member countries have complicated the situation regarding threats originating from China and

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14 Jun 2021

Aung San Suu Kyi’s Trial Begins in Myanmar After February Coup

Aung San Suu Kyi’s trial in Myanmar has begun after she and her administration were ousted from power by a military coup. Ms. Suu Kyi faces a series of criminal charges that could prevent her from returning to public life. She has been on house arrest since the incident. Ms.

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25 May 2021

Italy Investigates Cause of Mottarone Cable Car Crash

Italy has opened an investigation into the cause of a cable car accident on Sunday that left 14 people died. The cable car derailed and dropped roughly 65ft into the side of the Mottarone mountain in northern Italy. Thirteen of the victims died at the scene, including a two year

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