30 Nov 2018

Ebola outbreak in DR Congo now second worst in history

The Ebola outbreak in the middle of an ongoing crisis zone in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has become the world’s second deadliest outbreak of the disease. To date, 426 cases and nearly 200 deaths have been recorded, still significantly less than the outbreak in West Africa from 2013-2016

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13 Nov 2018

Massive global health study reveals “disturbing” trends, significant changes in global mortality causes and risk factors

The Global Burden of Disease study is one of the largest and widely respected summary of big-picture global health issues. This year, the summary highlights the issues that will likely exacerbate security issues regionally around the world. Far removed from the Malthusian fears of overpopulation, the world’s fertility rate continues

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18 Oct 2018

‘Terrorism does not terrorize’ suggests new global health study

A review of 400 research articles that examine the link between terrorist attacks and mental health suggests that terrorism is not correlated with increased distress in comparison with other distressing events. The association of terrorism with global/public health concerns that is often made in commentaries are likely the result of

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15 Oct 2018

Cote d’Ivoire seizes tonnes of fake medicines as global counterfeit pharmacetucals market grows

Underscoring the extent of the problem in the Ivory Coast and sub-Saharan Africa in general, almost 400 tons of counterfeit medicine were seized in a two year span. In Africa, up to 7 out of 10 medicines are estimated to be fake according to the WHO, with the number shrinking

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20 Jul 2018

Countries improving fight against antimicrobial resistance

Antimicrobial resistance has been named one of the leading threat to global health in the 21st century, and countries are beginning to coordinate efforts to combat it. A recent survey reported that 105 countries currently have surveillance systems to identify and report on drug-resistent infections, with 68 also having systems

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