02 Jun 2022

The Cyber Threat Vector as Food and Agriculture Industry Sector Heads into Critical Seasons

We continue with our research and analysis of the food and agriculture (FA) sector and the cyber threat vector as agriculture and food systems and cyber risk have become a central driving force and critical uncertainty – which we recommend all companies and organizations integrate into their foresight strategy, scenario planning, and strategic planning.

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23 May 2022

Agriculture and Cyber Risk are a New Driving Force and Critical Uncertainty

A new research vector has emerged in the last couple of months at the “praxis”  (or intersection) of agriculture and cyber risk based on the following nascent driving force and critical uncertainty:  Ukraine is a crucial breadbasket in the global food system. The war is impacting the entire agriculture supply chain and value chain in Ukraine and Russia.  Ukraine not only provides wheat and other grains to Europe but to parts of Asia and Africa.  Broad global food shortages are forecast – and may have a duration of years (not days, weeks, or months).

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