03 Jul 2018

Most of Germany’s Air Force not combat ready

In 2015, private sources indicated that only four of Germany’s 128 Eurofighters were combat ready. Now, the new chief of the force said it has “at a low point,” with most of its aircraft grounded due to a lack of spare parts or for lengthy maintenance. The leader cited the

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02 Jul 2018

U.S. reassessing its 35,000 active-duty troop levels in Germany

The maintains a presence of 35,000 active-duty troops in Germany and a sizable number other other staff. This presence, however, is currently under review by the Pentagon ahead of an upcoming NATO summit. Experts have suggested that the assessment could be a negotiating tactic to underline Trump’s complaints about European

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15 Jun 2018

Man arrested over ricin attack plot in Germany

A twenty-nine-year-old Tunisian man was arrested on Wednesday for creating ricin, which prosecutors allege he was planning to use for an attack in the country that continues to combat extremism and suffer from competing political narratives of the extremism. No links to terrorist organizations have been found. In the past

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08 Jun 2018

Siemens and other Western firms with contracts become vocal supporters of China’s “Belt and Road Initiative”

While Western governments have been hesitant to support the initiative, firms from Germany and other western countries with large presences in Belt and Road countries have become vocal supporters. “Last February, German Chancellor Angela Merkel questioned whether China’s investment in Europe as part of the BRI was linked to political

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01 Jun 2018

Germany rejects US drone tech, citing NSA and Facebook scandals

A group of German lawmakers in the Bundestag Defense Committee argued that U.S. vendors of drone technology should be excluded from Germany’s programs due to the NSA spy scandal and Facebook data breaches. Instead, Germany will source their drones and supporting technology from Israel. “Passage in the Bundestag in the

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