24 Sep 2019

Iran rejects fresh accusations over Saudi oil attack

France, Germany and the United Kingdom agree with previous claims the United States and Saudi Arabia that Iran was behind the recent drone attacks that disrupted about half of Saudi Arabia’s oil capacity. In a joint statement issued on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York, German

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05 Aug 2019

GermanWiper ransomware hits Germany hard, destroys files, asks for ransom

A destructive ransomware campaign is targeting users in Germany and to a lesser extent in other German-speaking countries. The ransomware, dubbed GermanWiper, is distributed via malicious emails (malspam) and as the name implies, it doesn’t encrypt files on infected systems, but permanently destroys them by rewriting the content with zeroes.

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11 Jun 2019

Iran has increased production of enriched uranium – IAEA

Iran is increasing its production of enriched uranium, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has confirmed. Last month, Iran announced that it would scale back some of the commitments it made under the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, as a result of which the country’s stockpiles should start exceeding the caps

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20 May 2019

Chinese cyberspies breached TeamViewer in 2016

According to German newspaper Der Spiegel, German software manufacturer TeamViewer suffered a breach at the hands of Chinese state-backed hackers, as a result of which the attackers have had access to TeamViewer’s internal network since 2014. The attackers allegedly used Winnti, a notorious backdoor Trojan. While TeamViewer acknowledged that it was

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17 May 2019

EU leaders: We won’t follow Trump’s Huawei ban

One day after US President Donald Trump declared a national emergency over telecom threats, thereby enabling the US government to extend its ban on Huawei technology to the private sector, the leaders of Germany, the Netherlands and France announced that their countries are not planning to copy the US government’s

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03 Apr 2019

With Trump, NATO Chief Tries to Navigate Spending Minefields

On Tuesday, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg met with US President Trump in order to celebrate the alliance’s 70th anniversary and to discuss important issues like Russia and Trump’s insistence that NATO allies spend at least 2% of their GDP on defense. During the meeting, Trump stated that he believes that

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20 Mar 2019

Did The U.S. Just Lose Its War With Huawei?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday indicated that her country is not likely to exclude Huawei telecommunications technology from it’s 5G networks, saying that she doesn’t believe in discussing “these very sensitive security questions publicly” nor in “excluding a company simply because it’s from a certain country.” Experts interpreted the

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12 Mar 2019

US ‘warns Germany a Huawei deal could hurt intelligence sharing’

The US ambassador to Germany has warned the country that his government would be less willing to share intelligence with German security agencies if the country uses products by Chinese tech giant Huawei or other Chinese companies to set up its 5G mobile networks. The US has been leading an

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18 Feb 2019

Pence calls on European allies to withdraw from Iran deal as Merkel defends decision

Vice President Mike Pence and German Chancellor Angela Merkel delivered rather contrasting addresses at the recent Munich Security Conference. Whereas Merkel defended the Iran nuclear deal, of which her country is part, Pence once again urged Germany and other European allies to follow his government’s lead and withdraw from the arrangement.

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05 Feb 2019

Germany cracks down on clan crimes as estimated membership reaches as high as 500,000

After several decades of lax policing and investigations on large crime families across the country, German authorities have announced a change in policy and operations to reduce the massive operations of crime families across the country. One Islamic scholar and migration expert has estimated that 500,000 people in Germany belong

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