12 Aug 2021

Data Breach at Georgia Health System

St. Joseph’s Candler (SJC), one of the largest health systems in Georgia, has begun notifying patients of a six-month-long data breach that was the result of a ransomware attack. The system represents one of the largest health care organizations in Savannah. SJC claimed that it became aware of suspicious network

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23 Feb 2021

Nika Melia, Georgian opposition leader, is arrested at party HQ

Georgia’s main opposition leader, Nika Melia, has been arrested by police in a violent raid at his party’s headquarters. Melia’s supporters were dispersed with tear gas, and Mr Melia was brought out of the building in Tbilisi by riot police. The case against Melia is accusing him of inciting violent

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30 Mar 2020

Voter records for the entire country of Georgia published online

4.9 million Georgians have their information leaked when it was published by a hacking forum over the weekend. The data included the information of deceased citizens who had voted and the information exposed included full names, home addresses, dates of birth, ID numbers and mobile phone numbers. The information was

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29 Oct 2019

Georgia hit by massive cyber-attack

The country of Georgia has suffered a massive cyberattack that took down over 2,000 websites, including the national TV station. The attack impacted more than 15,000 websites, including the presidential website, various court websites and the sites of NGOs and businesses. The attackers replaced the home pages of many targeted

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05 Oct 2018

Russia claims US is running a secret bio weapons lab in Georgia

Russia has claimed, and the U.S. has vehemently denied, U.S. clandestine operation of a biological weapons lab in the country of Georgia against international conventions. A Russian government spokesperson announced that the Georgian lab was one within a broader network of U.S. labs near Russian and Chinese borders. A spokesperson

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08 Aug 2018

Russia warns of ‘horrible conflict’ if Georgia joins NATO

“An attempt by NATO to incorporate the former Soviet republic of Georgia could trigger a new, ‘horrible’ conflict, Russia’s prime minister said Tuesday in a stern warning to the West marking 10 years since the Russia-Georgia war. Dmitry Medvedev said in an interview with the Kommersant daily broadcast by Russian

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