23 Jun 2022

Germany takes step closer to gas rationing

Germany has triggered the “alarm” stage of an emergency gas plan after a drop in supplies from Russia. The shortages in gas supplies have lead the country to move closer and closer to gas rationing. Germany’s economy minister Robert Habeck said Russia is using gas as a weapon to retaliate

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10 Jun 2022

West unlikely to reject Russian energy for years – Putin

Putin has announced that he doesn’t believe that the West will be able to cut off supplies of Russian oil and gas for several years. He said Russian companies will not be concreting over their oil wells. A US official did admit that Russian profits around energy are higher now

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01 Jun 2022

Serbia’s gas deal with Putin has created a fresh headache for Europe

Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic announced on Sunday that Serbia has agreed to a three year gas supply deal with Gazprom, Russia’s state energy provider. In doing so, Vucic could upset the Western anti-Putin alliance and the European Union (EU). The EU has recently announced the final deal for a sixth

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27 Apr 2022

Russia Halting Gas Flows to Poland, Bulgaria Over Payment Terms

Starting Wednesday, Russia has announced that it will halt gas flows to Poland and Bulgaria, marking the first time the country has followed through on a threat to cut off countries that don’t pay for their gas on Russia’s terms. In March, Vladimir Putin outlined new terms of payment that

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25 Mar 2022

EU signs US gas deal to curb reliance on Russia

A major deal between the US and the European Union has been made on liquified natural gas to reduce Europe’s dependence on Russian energy sources. The US will provide the EU with extra gas, approximately 10% of the gas it currently gets from Russia. The bloc has pledged to cut

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08 Mar 2022

Shell to stop buying Russian crude oil, gas over Ukraine invasion

Shell apologized for purchasing Russian crude oil last week and said it would withdraw completely from involvement with Russian hydrocarbons. Shell bought a cargo of Russian crude oil from Swiss trader Trafigura in S&P Global Platts window from Baltic ports at a low of minus $28.50 a barrel.  Shell said

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08 Mar 2022

War in Ukraine: Russia says it may cut gas supplies if oil ban goes ahead

Russia claims that it may shut down its gas pipeline to Germany if the West continues with the ban on Russian oil. Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak stated that a rejection of oil from Russia would cause catastrophic consequences on the global market. This would cause prices of oil to

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07 Feb 2022

Gas-free transactions will revolutionize Web3

Scalability is one of the main hindrances within decentralized finance (DeFi) applications and has created huge barriers to entry. Closely linked to this has been the issue of high gas fees, which continues to be a major pain point for newcomers to the Web3 space. When Web3 goes mainstream, these

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26 May 2020

Second Fuel Tanker From Iran Arrives in Venezuela

On Monday, Venezuelan authorities welcomed a second Iranian fuel tanker. As the ship entered international waters, it was met with naval frigates and helicopters dispatched by Venezuela. This is a lifeline for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and represents close ties being forged between Tehran and US adversaries in Latin America.

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10 Dec 2019

Ukraine and Russia agree to implement ceasefire

After negotiations between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, the two countries have agreed to implement a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine by the end of 2019. The presidents met in Paris on Monday, and the discussion was brokered by the leaders of France and Germany. The talks

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