24 Jan 2023

Most Federal Agencies Ignored GAO’s Cybersecurity Recommendations

The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report last Thursday highlighting federal agencies’ failure to implement cybersecurity recommendations. The GAO found that 60% of the cybersecurity recommendations made by the office since 2010 have not been implemented. The GAO stated that the failure to follow the recommendations results in

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10 Oct 2018

GAO: Vulnerabilities Plague ‘Entire Generation’ of U.S. Weapons Systems

A recently-issued report from the Government Accountability Office indicates that U.S. weapons systems are full of cybersecurity vulnerabilities that could allow adversaries to shut them down or control them. “From 2012-2017, DoD testers routinely found mission-critical cyber vulnerabilities in nearly all weapons systems that were under development.” The report listed

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31 May 2018

Pentagon Lacking Accurate Property Inventory

While progress has been made towards updating inventory systems, the Defense Department is still unable to provide Congress with a sufficiently specific inventory to allow for a “practical analysis of where cost-saving cuts may be made,” according to a recent Government Accountability Office report. This inability is one of the leading

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