02 Jun 2022

Surging gang violence in Haiti’s capital leaves nearly 200 dead in one month

Nearly 200 people have been killed and thousands have been displaced in one month in Haiti’s capital due to a rise in gang violence. The gang violence began increasing in late April in Port-au-Prince as rival gangs began seizing territory with more intensity. More than 16.800 people were forced to

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05 Apr 2022

At least 20 killed in Ecuador prison riot

A riot broke out in Ecuador at a prison in the south of the country on Sunday, killing at least 20 inmates. The Turi prison is near the city of Cuenca and violence broke out on Sunday due toa  leadership dispute between members of a gang known as The Wolves. 

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28 Mar 2022

El Salvador proclaims state of emergency as homicides soar

A state of emergency law was approved by El Salvador’s legislative body early Sunday. The state of emergency was proclaimed due to a rising homicide rate, driven by gangs Barrio 18 and MS-13. 62 homicides were reported by El Salvador’s police on Saturday. In response to the homicide rate, the

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