05 Jul 2018

Belgian couple from Iran arrested for planned attack on Iranian opposition group in France

A Belgian couple of Iranian heritage were arrested in the final stages of a plot to bomb a large rally held by an Iranian political opposition group. U.S. politician and President Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani was among the speakers, and it is uncertain whether the attack was a direct

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03 Jul 2018

France reinstating mandatory national service, a quiet European trend

After most European countries abolished the draft between the 1990s and 2011, a number have reinstated mandatory national service. Most recently, France will require a mandatory month-long placement for all 16 year olds, which includes options for teaching, charity work, or more traditional security options with the police, army, or

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27 Jun 2018

France arrests 10 radical far-right suspects over plan to attack Muslims

French police arrested 10 far-right extremists planning attacks against Muslims. The arrests took place across France and included the island of Corsica. France has been the victim of many jihadist attacks, with over 240 killed since 2015. The resulting backlash has spurred a number of plots and attacks by far-right

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19 Jun 2018

Eiffel Tower’s $35 million anti-terror security system nears completion

A security upgrade for France’s iconic Eiffel Tower is scheduled for completion in mid-July. The system includes a 12-foot fence of bulletproof glass and metal strong enough to stop a heavy truck on a suicide mission. The glass is designed to ensure security without inhibiting views. In addition to the

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25 Oct 2010

France braces itself for another week of protests as Sarkozy believes he has turned corner

“All are furious at the Senate’s decision to approve new pension legislation which will see the retirement age rise from 60 to 62. The reform, which was passed by the French Parliament’s upper house on Friday, is part of President Nicolas Sarkozy’s concerted attack on a social system which he

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28 Sep 2010

Terrorism fears put Paris on high alert

“When an unclaimed package was spotted in a busy subway station Monday, police immediately diverted trains, ordered thousands of frustrated travelers into the street and dispatched a bomb squad to test for explosives. Within half an hour, the armor-suited specialists had determined there was no bomb. Train and subway passengers

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21 Sep 2010

France raises anti-terror security after tip-offs

“France is on heightened alert for possible terror attacks after intelligence suggested public places could be targeted, officials have said. The officials, who spoke anonymously, said one tip-off suggested a female suicide bomber was planning to attack the transport system. Without confirming the reports, Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux said ‘the

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