09 Mar 2020

Italy quarantines north in drastic bid to slow virus spread

Italy’s Premier Giuseppe Conte put northern Italy under quarantine after recording 7,300 confirmed coronavirus cases, meaning that over 16 million Italian residents are effectively on quarantine until further notice. Although all tourists may go home, public spaces such as museums and popular tourist architectural sites are closed until further notice.

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02 Mar 2020

Italy reports a 50% increase in confirmed coronavirus cases

On Sunday, Italy reported a 50% increase in coronavirus cases, confirming that the country now has 1,694 cases of the virus, representing an increase in 1,128 cases on Saturday. Thirty-four people have now died in Italy as the country experiences the worst outbreak of any country outside of Asia. The

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17 Feb 2020

Brexit: France warns UK of bitter trade negotiation

French foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian warned Britain to expect bitter trade negotiations following Britain’s exit from the European Union earlier this month. The Drian made it clear at a recent conference in Munich that Brussels would defend its best interests when talks over trade negotiations begin next month. He

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21 Jan 2020

France’s Macron Pauses Tech Tax After U.S. Pressure

France and the US have reached a truce over the controversial issue of taxing tech giants like Google’s parent organization Alphabet Inc., avoiding a major crisis or a trade war over the issue. French President Emmanuel Macron reached out to President Trump over the phone on Sunday, seeking a way

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02 Jan 2020

A milestone for French rail strikes: 29th day of walkouts

After 29 consecutive days of walkouts, French rail strikes against Macron’s administration outlasts historic walkouts, surpassing the length of the strikes in the 1980s. Individuals protesting government plans to reform France’s retirement system have faced tear gas, arrest, and violence as police attempt to quell violent uprisings although the majority

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18 Dec 2019

France on strike: Power cuts, schools shut, no Eiffel Tower

Ongoing protests in France have left the country without transportation in major cities over the past two weeks, but recently French union activists cut electricity 100,000 homes and offices. Over the past week, Paris’s popular tourist destination, the Eiffel Tower, experienced a walkout alongside Paris opera workers, rallying against the

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10 Dec 2019

Scientists Crack Longest, Most Complex Encryption Key Ever

A team in France recently cracked the most complex encryption algorithm to date, taking 35 million compute hours to break even though the key was only one-third of the length of most commercial encryption keys. The longest encryption was previously 232 digits, and the French scientists beat this record by

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05 Dec 2019

Macron pension reform: France paralyzed by biggest national strike in years

A nationwide strike in France has severely disrupted daily activity, including schools and transportation, as workers protest an increase in retirement age with the consequence of reduced pensions. School and transportation employees joined with police, lawyers, and hospital staff for a walkout that may include millions of people. This may

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08 Nov 2019

Macron says Europe is facing the ‘brain death of NATO’

Washington’s indifference to NATO has resulted in the “brain death” of the alliance, French President Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday, adding that there currently is “no coordination whatsoever of strategic decision-making between the United States and its NATO allies.” An example of this is US President Trump’s recent decision to

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06 Nov 2019

Iran starts injecting uranium gas into centrifuges at Fordow: TV

For the second time this week, Iran has announced measures that represent a step away from compliance with the 2015 Iran nuclear deal that was abandoned by the United States last year. On Wednesday, Iranian state TV reported that the country has began injecting uranium gas into centrifuges at the Fordow

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