12 Oct 2022

Floods are submerging whole houses in Nigeria. At least 80 have died trying to escape

76 people have died when their boat capsized trying to flee high floodwaters in southern Nigeria. The boat was carrying over 80 people and it capsized on Friday in the state of Anambra in southeastern Nigeria. Floodwaters in the area had risen as high as rooftops and the people were

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07 Oct 2022

Pakistan flood losses estimated at $40bn according to Ex-finance minister

Pakistan has estimated the total losses from its recent floods could be as high as $40 billion. This estimate is revised from the original estimate of $30bn. The government is appealing for debt relief from global lenders and more aid from the international community in fighting the environmental catastrophe.  The

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09 Sep 2022

UN chief visits flood-hit Pakistan, appeals for ‘massive’ help

The United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has appealed for global support on behalf of Pakistan due to unprecedented flooding has killed almost 1,400 people and destroyed over a million people’s homes. Guterres landed in the Pakistani capital early on Friday morning and was received by Hina Rabbani Khar, the Pakistani

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08 Sep 2022

At least 16 dead as heavy rains trigger landslides in Uganda

Heavy rains in the Kasese district of western Uganda caused a landslide early Wednesday, killing at least 16 people. Six additional people were injured and are receiving treatment at a local hospital. Search and rescue workers have been shoveling the mud to find survivors in the region that sits in

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26 Aug 2022

33 million affected by historic rains and floods in Pakistan

The historic rains and floods in Pakistan have affected over 33 million people according to the country’s climate minister. Over 900 people have died since June in monsoon rains that continue to break climate records. The climate minister referred to the phenomenon as a climate-induced humanitarian disaster.  The nation has

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29 Jun 2022

7 million in Bangladesh need aid after ‘worst floods in memory,’ Red Cross says

Over 7 million people in Bangladesh need shelter and emergency relief after some of the worst flooding to hit South Asia in living memory. The floods have caused hundreds of thousands of homes near the Bangladesh border with India to be underwater and in some areas, entire neighborhoods are submerged. 

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13 Apr 2022

Heavy rains and flooding in South Africa kill 59 people and sweep away roads

Rains and floods have killed at least 59 people on the eastern coast of South Africa. Residents were urged to remain at home as roads were damaged and homes were destroyed in the storms.  The province of KwaZulu-Natal was hit by the floods, including the city of Durabn. A bridge

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22 Oct 2021

More than 200 deaths reported in India and Nepal following heavy rainfall and flooding

Across Nepal and the Indian states of kerala and uttarakhand, at least 201 deaths have been reported as of Friday. These deaths are resultant of heaving rains leading to flooding and landslides across the areas this week. The heavy rainfall began this week on Monday in Nepal. At least 70 people

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12 Oct 2021

At least 15 dead after heavy rainfall and flooding in northern China

At least 15 people have died in China’s northern province of Shanxi due to heavy rainfall and flooding. The natural disaster destroyed thousands of homes and forced more than 120,000 people to relocate to safer areas. Officials stated that at least 1.75 million people have been affected by the flooding

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24 Aug 2021

Europe’s extreme rains made more likely by humans

The floods in Germany, Belgium, and other parts of Europe that killed at least 200 people were made more likely by climate change, according to scientists. Researchers say that global heating made rainfall events such as those in July up to nine times more likely in Western Europe. Further statistics

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