31 May 2022

Turkish Airline Exposes Flight and Crew Info in 6.5TB Leak

Low-cost Turkish airline Pegasus Airlines has accidentally leaded the personal information of its flight crew, source code, and flight data due to a misconfigured AWS bucket. SafetyDetectives, a research team, discovered the unsecured database on February 28 and was able to trace the leaked information to the Electronic Flight Bag

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10 Sep 2021

Flight lands in Qatar after Taliban cleared Americans and others to leave Afghanistan

The first passenger flight to leave Afghanistan after the US military airlift last month landed in Qatar on Thursday. The flight carried more than 100 foreign nationals including Canadian, American, Ukrainian, German, and British citizens. These citizens were among the 200 foreigners that were cleared to leave the country by

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09 Sep 2021

Taliban to Allow 200 Americans, Other Foreigners to Fly Out of Kabul

The Taliban are allegedly allowing for roughly 200 Americans, US permanent residents, and holders of other Western passports to leave the country on a flight to Qatar that is scheduled for Thursday. This marks the first departure by air since US forces withdrew last month, according to American and Qatari

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25 Jan 2021

China flies warplanes close to Taiwan in early test of Biden

Over the weekend, China dispatched two formations of warplanes dangerously close to the Island of Taiwan. This presents a significant foreign policy challenge just days into the new administration. China is seemingly testing the new US president by deploying the warplanes as Taiwan is a self-governing nation that China seeks

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18 Jan 2021

Blue Origin Launches And Lands Its First Space Tourism Rocket Of The Year, With Human Flights In Sight

Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’s private spaceflight company, hit a milestone last week by successfully launching and landing its New Shepard vehicle. The latest mission, NS-14, pushes Blue Origin one step closer to human space tourism. The mission launched on January 14 in West Texas from the company’s launch site. The

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