29 Apr 2019

Naming and shaming nations that launch cyberattacks does work, say intel chiefs

At a recent cybersecurity conference in Scotland, Intelligence experts from the Five Eyes intelligence alliance that includes the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK, said that naming and shaming the nation states behind destructive cyberattacks is an important strategy for creating international norms and forging coalitions of opposition

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26 Nov 2018

Surge in China theft of Australia company secrets: Report

China has been angered by a recent Australian report alleging a spike in cyberattacks originating with China’s Ministry of State Security, working to steal intellectual property. The report cites high level government officials, with corroborating statements and evidence provided by private security firms. “The [malicious] activity is mainly from China

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30 Oct 2018

China Is Secretly Enrolling Military Scientists in Western Universities

A recent report by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) found that 2,500 scientists secretly sponsored by the Chinese military have gone to study abroad since 2007, with the intelligence sharing “Five Eyes” countries (USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada – an intelligence alliance that highlights China as one

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05 Sep 2018

Five Eyes Intel Alliance Urges Big Tech to Help Break Encrypted Messages

In a joint statement with America’s “Five Eyes” partners Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, DHS secretary urged tech companies to support law enforcement by improving access to criminal and terrorist communications using encrypted platforms. The statement also noted that, in the event of “impediments to lawful access to

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