06 Oct 2020

China-Linked Hackers Used UEFI Malware in North Korea-Themed Attacks

Kaspersky researchers released new information regarding a Chinese threat actor and their use of UEFI malware in attacks targeting organizations with a relationship to North Korea. On Monday, Kaspersky announced that they had analyzed the malware and malicious activity after discovering suspicious UEFI firmware images. The investigation revealed components based

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20 Feb 2020

Hundreds of Millions of PC Components Still Have Hackable Firmware

Research security firm Eclypsium released a report yesterday that included the results from an investigation into PC components. The firm found that despite years of warnings, the large majority of computers contain unprotected firmware, offering attackers a way to maintain a foothold inside your machine. The report stated that network

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16 Aug 2019

Huge Survey of Firmware Finds No Security Gains in 15 Years

A study by Cyber Independent Testing Lab (CITL) found that even though cyber attacks on Internet of things (IoT) devices have skyrocketed in the last 15 years, vendors have hardly done anything to make the firmware of these devices more secure. The research covered 6,000 firmware images of 18 vendors

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