08 Jul 2022

Hundreds of firefighters battle ‘mega-fire’ in southern France

Over 900 firefighters have been deployed to a fire in France’s southern Gard region. The firefighters are backed by aircraft and the blaze has burned 600 hectares so far. A senior member of the fire service said there are many hard-to-reach fronts of the fire that are continuing to advance,

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10 Jan 2022

Fire destroys hundreds of homes in Bangladesh Rohingya refugee camp

On Sunday, a fire swept through a Rohingya refugee camp in southeastern Bangladesh. The fire destroyed hundreds of homes but there were no reports of casualties immediately. The fire hit Camp 16 in Cox’s Bazar. This border district has almost a million Rohingya refugees living there after fleeing a military

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03 Jan 2022

Large fire tears through South Africa’s parliament, collapsing roof and gutting entire floors

On Sunday, South Africa’s parliament building went up in flames, causing the roof of one building to collapse. The chamber of the National Assembly was severely affected by the blaze, as images from the scene showed flames shooting out of the top of the building. The fire broke out on

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17 Dec 2021

Suspected arson attack in Osaka, Japan, kills at least 24

A suspected arson attack on a medical clinic in the Japanese city of Osaka on Friday has killed at least 24 people. This was one of the deadliest fires in Japan in almost two decades. The fire broke out on the fourth floor before 10:30am and was brought under control

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09 Sep 2021

Indonesian Prison Fire Kills 41 Inmates

In Indonesia, a fire at a prison has killed 41 inmates. The fire, which occurred on Wednesday, highlights the dangers posed by the country’s overcrowded correctional facilities. Indonesia’s minister of law and human rights Yasonna Laoly stated that the prison was holding more than five times its capacity at the

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13 Jul 2021

Iraq hospital fire: Protests as Covid ward blaze kills more than 60

A fire in a coronavirus isolation ward has killed more than 60 people in a hospital in the Iraqi city of Nasiriya. Angry relatives of the victims have been protesting outside the al-Hussein hospital, as the cause of the fire is unclear. Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi ordered the arrest

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03 Jun 2021

Firefighters battle massive fire at Iranian oil refinery

On Wednesday, a massive fire erupted at an Iranian oil refinery located south of the capital city, Tehran. There have been no reported casualties or injuries as emergency services and firefighters battled the flames, according to a spokesman for Iran’s emergency department and state media. The head of Tehran’s Provincial

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02 Jun 2021

One of Iran’s biggest navy ships sinks after catching fire

One of Iran’s largest naval vessels has caught on fire and sank in the Gulf of Oman, according to the Fars News Agency. The blaze began on board the ship, which is used for training and logistical purposes, early on Wednesday morning. Despite 20 hours of efforts by Civil and

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26 Apr 2021

Fire in Iraq Hospital Treating Covid-19 Patients Kills 82 People

A fire at a Baghdad hospital treating Covid-19 patients has killed at least 82 people, according to a statement made by Iraqi officials on Sunday. The fire was caused by exploding oxygen canisters that ignited in a hospital ward full of patients on ventilators. The fire set off a scramble

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19 Apr 2021

Residents evacuated in Cape Town suburb

In South Africa, a blaze outside of Cape Town has threatened the security of the city and its infrastructure as it spreads through the Table Mountains. Emergency workers recently evacuated three different 17-story residential buildings as a precaution. The fire has spread quickly after breaking out on Sunday morning near

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