27 Nov 2019

‘Dexphot’: A Sophisticated, Everyday Threat

A new report by Microsoft detailing the evolution of the Dexphot cryptomining malware highlights how even more everyday cyber threats are getting increasingly sophisticated. Dexphot was first detected in October of last year and has compromised tens of thousands of machines since then. While Dexphot has received relatively little attention,

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30 Sep 2019

Microsoft uncovers Nodersok malware that turns PCs into zombie proxies

Microsoft is warning that thousands of computers running Windows have been turned into zombie proxies by Nodersok, a new type of fileless malware. Since July of this year, threat actors have been distributing the malware via online ads that trigger the execution of various malicious files and scripts, which eventually

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09 Jul 2019

Microsoft warns about Astaroth malware campaign

Microsoft has uncovered a sophisticated new spam campaign that is pushing the information stealing malware Astaroth. In order to avoid detection by anti-malware suites, the Astaroth Trojan is not directly attached to the spam messages, but is distributed via malicious scripts that take advantage of legitimate Windows tools, a tactic

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