27 May 2020

Defense Department AI Center Seeks Own Acquisition Authorities

The Pentagon’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center was created only two years ago and has now grown its staff from four to 175 as well as developing an annual budget of $240 million. However, the JAIC is seeking its own acquisition authorities to meet technological demands. The JAIC has forged partnerships

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24 Mar 2020

White House pushes for more telework as first DOD contractor dies because of COVID-19

The White House has announced that government agencies must utilize technology to support teleworking capabilities after COVID-19 took its first victim from the Pentagon. The memo, which was issued by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), states that agencies should be taking steps to ensure that employees can work

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06 May 2019

Government embracing digital transformation but struggling to implement data security

A new report by Thales looks at the data threats affecting federal agencies in the US. It shows that 60% of agencies have suffered a data breach in the past and over one-third (35%) experienced one in the past year. The research also found that almost all (98%) of agencies

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06 Mar 2019

Survey: Cybersecurity Threats from Careless Insiders and Foreign Governments Reach All-Time Highs

The fifth annual Federal Cybersecurity Survey by SolarWinds identifies careless/untrained insiders and foreign governments as the top cybersecurity threats to US federal agencies. The two threat categories were mentioned by 56% and 52% of federal IT leaders in the survey (multiple answers were possible). Both numbers signified record-highs. That insider

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29 Nov 2018

Agencies Will Soon Have a Cyber Hygiene Score—And Will Know Where They Rank

“Soon, federal agencies will have a clear idea of how they are doing on basic cybersecurity and be able to compare their posture to other agencies across the government. The Homeland Security Department’s Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation program, or CDM, is providing agencies with a sophisticated suite of cybersecurity tools.

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