04 Mar 2022

FCC looks into BGP vulnerabilities, in light of Russian hacking threat

The FCC is launching an inquiry into security issues surrounding the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), a widely used standard used to manage interconnectivity between large portions of the Internet. The move, announced Monday, was issued in response to “Russia’s escalating actions inside of Ukraine,” according to the commission’s notice of inquiry.

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14 Jan 2022

FCC Proposes Stricter Data Breach Reporting Requirements

On Wednesday, Federal Communications Commission chairperson Jessica Rosenworcel published a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NRPM) that started the process of strengthening the Commission’s rules on notifying customers and federal law enforcement of data breaches. The Commission stated that the proposed updates would mean that the FCC data breach notification rules

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28 Sep 2021

FCC details $1.9 billion program to rip out Huawei and ZTE gear in the US

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently released a new set of rules for small carriers to abide by that aims to rip out and replace network equipment and services from Huawei and ZTE, two companies based in China. The small carriers will have access to $1.9 billion in funding

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02 Apr 2021

FCC to Consider Proposal Enabling Spectrum for Commercial Space Launches

The Federal Communications Commission is planning to vote on a proposal to make spectrum available for the first time to enable commercial space launches. The FCC is set to vote on the proposal this month. The proposal would make 2021 shaped to be a record-setting year for commercial space launches.

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08 Dec 2020

SpaceX gets $886 million from FCC to subsidize Starlink in 35 states

The Federal Communications Commission has awarded a lucrative $885.51 million contract to SpaceX, seeking to have the company provide Starlink broadband to rural homes and businesses in 35 states. The funding is distributed over 10 years, allowing SpaceX to work with $88.5 million per year. The satellite company was one

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17 Mar 2020

AT&T And Free Conferencing Are Facing Off As COVID-19, Primaries Boost Telecom Demands

Last September, the FCC released a new order that provided methods for call-routing and access arbitrage. However, the Free Conferencing Corporation has claimed its US customers have experienced unexpected charges or have been unable to dial into the site’s conference lines after the order’s implementation. FreeConferenceCall.com is one of the

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28 Feb 2020

FCC Probe Finds Mobile Carriers Didn’t Safeguard Customer Location Data

Earlier this month, the FCC notified cellphone carriers AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and others that they are facing hundreds of millions in fines after the FCC conducted an investigation that found that the companies failed to safeguard information regarding customers’ real-time locations. The FCC informed the carriers of pending notices

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09 Jan 2019

Shutdown Forces Feds Off the Conference Circuit

One potentially unexpected consequence of the ongoing shutdown is that scientists and tech leaders employed by the government are not able to attend conferences around the country, potentially preventing them from exchanging ideas and solutions with relevant partners. Nineteen days in, the shutdown has forced the FCC Chairman, FCC Commissioner,

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03 Jan 2019

FCC Approves Google’s Futuristic Motion Sensor Tech

Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects Team began developing a radar-based motion detection technology in 2015 and the resulting technology in its current stage of development has been approved by the Federal Communication’s Commission. The most public and popular potential use for the technology is the use of hand gestures in

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