05 Aug 2020

FBI issues warning over Windows 7 end-of-life

On Monday, the FBI sent a private industry notification to US private sector partners warning about Windows 7 computers reaching their end-of-life. According to the warning, the operating system fulfilled its shelf life earlier this year. The FBI stated that they had observed threat actors targeting computer network infrastructure after

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17 Jul 2020

FBI Issues Cybersecurity Warning to Air Travelers

The FBI has released a warning to air travelers to be aware of spoofed US airport sites when booking flight tickets online. According to Cyber-supervisory special agent Conal Whetten, there are numerous websites that have copied the legitimate airline to advertise fake tickets. The spoofed domains have also grown increasingly

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15 Jul 2020

This Secret $35 Million FBI Unit Mixes Facial Recognition With Big Data To Investigate America’s Most Horrific Crimes

A previously unknown forensics division within the FBI called the Multimedia Exploitation Unit (MXU) sifts through and analyzes video footage connected to terrorist attacks. This can include CCTV footage, witness video, or social media clips. For example, when the Boston Marathon bombing occurred in 2013, the FBI tasked 120 analysts

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08 Jul 2020

FBI Opens a New China-Related Counterintelligence Investigation Every 10 Hours, Director Says

According to new data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, half of the agency’s 5,000 active counterintelligence investigations are related to China. According to FBI Director Chris Wray, a new counterintelligence case related to China is opened roughly every 10 hours. At an event on Tuesday, Wray stated that China

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12 Jun 2020

FBI Expects Increased Targeting of Mobile Banking Applications

The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center released an alert earlier this week warning Americans that threat actors will likely increasingly target mobile banking applications as they rise in popularity. According to the alert, mobile banking application use went up by 50% since the beginning of this year, drawing the attention

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18 May 2020

FBI warns of ProLock ransomware decryptor not working properly

The FBI has issued an alert warning the public that the ProLock ransomware decryptor does not work to secure data in the event of a ransomware attack. Earlier this month, the FBI released a flash alert informing organizations of the new threat actor, stating that it targets US healthcare, government,

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13 May 2020

CISA and FBI Release List of Top 10 Routinely Exploited Vulnerabilities

A list of the top 10 routinely exploited vulnerabilities has been provided in a new joint alert distributed via the U.S. CERT website.  This alert was issued by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the broader US Government to provide technical guidance for security professionals in both the public and private sectors. This document aims to draw awareness to the most common vulnerabilities being exploited by threat actors. Foreign cyber actors frequently exploit dated and publicly known software vulnerabilities, as they often require fewer attacker resources. Therefore, the public and private sectors could mitigate some foreign cyber threats to US interests through an increased effort to patch their systems in accordance with the vulnerabilities listed in the alert.

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20 Apr 2020

Zoom Bombing Attack Hits U.S. Government Meeting

According to an internal letter released by the government, a recent US House Oversight Committee meeting was the victim of a Zoom-bombing attack. The committee meeting was disrupted at least three times by uninvited individuals. The incident was disclosed in an internal letter from two representatives, Jim Jordan and Carolyn

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16 Apr 2020

US issues guidance on North Korean hackers, offers $5M reward

The US government issued a statement in which they offered guidance on North Korean hacking activity. The document, which is a joint advisory, was published by several government entities, including the US Department of State, Treasury, Homeland Security, and the FBI. The report estimates that last year, North Korean hackers

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16 Apr 2020

PPE, COVID-19 Medical Supplies Targeted by BEC Scams

The FBI has confirmed that agencies aiming to but items like ventilators have unknowingly been conned into a BEC scam in which they transfer funds to threat actors rather than legitimate organizations. There has been a shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) in American hospitals across the country, and the

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