09 May 2019

FBI has seized Deep Dot Web and arrested its administrators

The FBI has seized Deep Dot Web, a website that facilitated access to market places on the dark web used for the exchange of illicit goods and services. Authorities in Israel, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Brazil have arrested people suspected of operating the website. The administrators of the Deep

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23 Apr 2019

FBI: $2.7 Billion in Losses to Cyber-Enabled Crimes in 2018

The FBI released its annual Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) report this week, which shows that the IC3 received close to 352,000 complaints related to cybercrimes last year, with the total losses from Internet-enabled crime estimated at $2.7 billion. The figures indicate a surge in cybercrime costs, which amounted to

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15 Apr 2019

Hackers publish personal data on thousands of US police officers and federal agents

Threat actors have hacked into three websites of the FBI National Academy Association (FBINAA), downloaded the contents and subsequently published about 4,000 records containing personal data on thousands of US law enforcement officers on their website. The information includes full names, job titles, personal and government email addresses, phone numbers and

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15 Apr 2019

F.B.I. Bars Some China Scholars From Visiting U.S. Over Spying Fears

As part of a new counterintelligence operation, the FBI has barred 30 Chinese scholars from entering the US by either revoking their visas or subjecting the documents to administrative review. According to the US State Department, Chinese intelligence agencies have been instructing scholars to gather sensitive data on US citizens

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04 Apr 2019

The FBI Takes Too Long to Alert Victims of Cyberattacks

A new audit by the Justice Department Inspector General found that the FBI does not notify groups that are targeted by cyberattacks fast enough and provides them with too little useful information to mitigate attacks. According to the auditors, this is a big deal since “[t]imely notification is critical because

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29 Mar 2019

DHS & FBI Report that Election Infrastructure in all 50 States Targeted During 2016

The Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have issued a special report acknowledging that the election infrastructure in all 50 states was targeted during the 2016 election.

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20 Mar 2019

DDoS-for-Hire Crackdown Leads to 85% Drop in Attack Sizes

A new Nexusguard report highlights the positive effects of the FBI’s crackdown on 15 of the world’s most popular DDoS-for-hire websites in December of last year. According to the study, the FBI operation caused DDoS attacks to decrease by 11% during Q4 of 2018 compared to Q4 of 2017. In

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14 Feb 2019

Phone scams remain lucrative, but risks exist: Ex-director of FBI, CIA takes on a phone scammer—and wins

Showcasing some of the common elements of basic phone scams and their surprising successes, a recent case saw a Jamaica-based phone scammer attempt to scam William H. Webster, ex-director of both the FBI and CIA and the only person to have headed both agencies. The case started in 2014 when

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17 Jan 2019

Massive Oklahoma Government Data Leak Exposes 7 Years of FBI Investigations

In the latest data leak stemming from an unsecured web server, 3 terabytes of data belonging to the Oklahoma Securities Commission has been found exposed to the Internet. The millions of unencrypted files included highly sensitive government information, such as details of FBI investigations, email archives and social security numbers. An UpGuard

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04 Jan 2019

The FBI is Trying Amazon’s Facial-Recognition Software

Government use of silicon valley tech is projected to skyrocket in 2019, with the FBI’s use of Amazon’s facial-recognition software showcasing the broader trend. The use began as a pilot program in 2018 to support a number of counter-terrorism investigations that generated more video footage to be sifted than could

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