08 Jan 2021

The Race to Preserve the DC Mob’s Digital Traces

On Wednesday, the mob that stormed the Capitol building brought with them technology such as iPhones, smartphones, and other devices live streaming their forced entry into the building and documenting their endeavors through photographs posted to social media. Some removed property from the federal building and posed for incriminating pictures

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30 Dec 2020

FBI Reports Pranksters are hijacking smart devices to live-stream swatting incidents

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has released a public service announcement detailing a new threat to safety. The agency claims that pranksters are hacking smart devices with low cybersecurity protections to live-stream swatting incidents for public enjoyment. Offenders have been taking over victims’ smart devices as well as video

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15 Dec 2020

U.S. Sanctions Iranian Intelligence Officers Over Abduction of Former FBI Agent

On Monday, the Trump administration announced sanctions against two Iranian intelligence officers, Mohammad Baseri and Ahmad Khazai, known to be high-ranking officers in the Ministry of Intelligence and Security, for their involvement in the abduction and probable death of Robert Levinson. Levison was a former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent

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03 Dec 2020

Think-Tanks Under Attack by Foreign APTs, CISA Warns

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the FBI have issued a joint advisory warning of persistent cyberattacks targeting US think-tanks, with the goal of stealing intellectual property. The two agencies stated that they have witnessed an uptick in cyberattacks intentionally targeting think tanks, utilizing phishing and VPN exploit

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02 Dec 2020

FBI warns of email forwarding rules being abused in recent hacks

The US FBI released a Private Industry Notification (PIN) last week claiming that cybercriminals are exploiting email forwarding rules to maintain anonymity and hide their presence on hacked email accounts. The PIN was made public yesterday and contains valuable information about how the technique is being actively used in recent

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29 Oct 2020

Emerging Public Health Sector Ransomware Attacks

The Joint DHS, FBI, HHS advisory on the malicious targeting of the US public health sector by criminals using ransomware should cause immediate tactical action by cyber defenders in the medical and healthcare community. It also signals the need for strategic actions by executives in these and other sectors.  It could also change the dynamic around how governments view these attacks with impactful targeting being designated as terrorist activity.

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29 Oct 2020

FBI, DHS, HHS Warn of Imminent, Credible Ransomware Threat Against U.S. Hospitals

Hospitals across the country have been put on high alert following a tip from a reliable source claiming that an aggressive Russian cybercriminal gang is planning on launching cyberattacks against medical care facilities. The FBI and the US Department of Homeland Security organized a conference call with healthcare industry executives

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07 Oct 2020

FBI warns of risks of using wireless hotel networks

The FBI has issued a new warning against the use of hotel Wi-Fi connections, due to public offerings may contain vulnerabilities as a result of poor security measures. The FBI states that this is true for libraries, coffee shops, and other locations with free public Wi-Fi. In the advisory, the

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06 Oct 2020

Iran owes $1.4B over ex-FBI agent presumed dead

Last Thursday, a US judge ruled that Iran should pay $1.45 billion to the family of a former FBI agent who was allegedly kidnapped by the Islamic Republic while on a CIA mission to an Iranian island. The trip occurred in 2007, and the agent, Robert Levinson, is believed to

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01 Oct 2020

The Nevernight Connection – The FBI’s Short Film on Cyber Espionage

Just in time for Security Awareness Month, the FBI has released a short film dramatizing the risk of cyber espionage.  Inspired by the case of former CIA officer Kevin Mallory—the professionally produced film details the fictional account of a former U.S. Intelligence Community official who was targeted by China via a fake profile on a professional networking site and recruited to turn over classified information before being arrested.

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