17 Jun 2021

Avaddon Ransomware Gang Evaporates Amid Global Crackdowns

Ransomware group Avaddon has released decryptors for nearly 3,000 victims as it closes its criminal enterprise. 2,934 decryption keys were released to BleepingComputer, and each key belongs to an individual victim. The average pay out for each ransom was approximately $40,000, and Avaddon walked away from millions. An alert about

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08 Jun 2021

Department of Justice Seizes $2.3 Million in Cryptocurrency Paid to the Ransomware Extortionists Darkside

Yesterday, the Department of Justice announced that it had seized roughly $2.3 million of the $4 million paid in ransom to the DarkSide ransomware gang by Colonial Pipeline following an attack against the latter’s networks. The seizure warrant was announced yesterday by Laurel Beeler, US Magistrate Judge for the Northern

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01 Jun 2021

FBI Issues Fortinet Flash Warning

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation issued a flash warning late last week pertaining to the exploitation of Fortinet vulnerabilities by advanced persistent threat (APT) groups. The FBI stated that an APT group has been actively targeting a FortiGate appliance since May 2021 seeking to access a web server hosting

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24 May 2021

FBI identifies 16 Conti ransomware attacks striking US healthcare, first responders

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has identified at least 16 attacks linked to the Conti ransomware group. The agency stated that the attacks target healthcare and first responder organizations, aiming to disrupt their operations and networks. Targets include 911 dispatch carriers, law enforcement agencies, and emergency medical services. These

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04 May 2021

Is the FBI Hacking into Private Sector Computers Okay?

In early April 2021, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas granted the Department of Justice the authority to disrupt the exploitation of Microsoft Exchange server vulnerabilities.  This authority empowered the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to “hack” into private sector computers without having to notify those organizations.  The intent was to protect infected systems by identifying malicious code designed to take control of the victimized computers. 

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15 Apr 2021

The FBI Takes a Drastic Step to Fight China’s Hacking Spree

In early March, Microsoft disclosed that the Chinese state-sponsored hacking group Hafnium had successfully infected tens of thousands of Microsoft Exchange servers in a massive and extensive hacking campaign. Although Microsoft promptly released a patch to fix the vulnerability and urged users to implement the fix as soon as possible,

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12 Apr 2021

A Far-Right Extremist Allegedly Plotted to Blow Up Amazon Data Centers

Seth Pendley, a far-right extremist who was present at the January 6 Capitol Hill riot, has allegedly been plotting to blow up Amazon data centers, sparked by false patriotism. Pendley posted to the MyMilitia.com message board in the days following the Capitol Hill riot, stating that he was not a

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12 Apr 2021

If you haven’t patched this old VPN vulnerability, assume your network is compromised

The National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) has released a critical security alert detailing how cybercriminals are actively exploiting a Fortinet VPN vulnerability to distribute ransomware. Kaspersky reported on the flaw earlier this month, stating that criminals are seeking out unpatched systems and are able to exploit the flaw to remotely

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08 Jan 2021

The Race to Preserve the DC Mob’s Digital Traces

On Wednesday, the mob that stormed the Capitol building brought with them technology such as iPhones, smartphones, and other devices live streaming their forced entry into the building and documenting their endeavors through photographs posted to social media. Some removed property from the federal building and posed for incriminating pictures

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30 Dec 2020

FBI Reports Pranksters are hijacking smart devices to live-stream swatting incidents

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has released a public service announcement detailing a new threat to safety. The agency claims that pranksters are hacking smart devices with low cybersecurity protections to live-stream swatting incidents for public enjoyment. Offenders have been taking over victims’ smart devices as well as video

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