06 Dec 2018

FBI: Watch out for Iranian SamSam malware

DHS and the FBI shared a joint alert on December third regarding the critical infrastructure threat posed by the Iranian SamSam virus. The ultimate purpose of the virus is the successful intrusion and takeover of a network for the purpose of extorting a ransom (ransomware). The alert recommended strong passwords,

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30 Nov 2018

FBI’s Counterterrorism Investigations Now Run on Amazon

An FBI Deputy Assistant Director for Counterterrorism recently announced a nearly two-year-old partnership between the bureau and Amazon in which Amazon’s cloud services are used to host and analyze counterterrorism intelligence, both classified and unclassified. The partnership emerged from what the FBI referred to as a “data crisis” that was

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30 Oct 2018

FBI to private industry: Attribution won’t deter North Korean hacking

Hackers for the North Korean government will not be stopped by achieving attribution of their cyberattacks, the FBI’s cyber devision declared in an industry advisory report. North Korean targeting of US companies “will continue unabated, regardless of the U.S. government public attribution,” simply because the regime does not appear to

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02 Oct 2018

FBI Director Implores Corporate Boards to Join Cyber Fight

The FBI is encouraging companies to go directly to the federal government when their systems are breached or infected. In a recent speech, FBI Director Christopher Wray took a consoling tone with corporate board members, saying “I get that there’s a reluctance out there sometimes to turn to the feds

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17 Sep 2018

The FBI studied the pre-attack behaviors of 63 Active Shooters. This is what they found.

By articulating the concrete, observable pre-attack behaviors of many active shooters, the FBI hopes to make these warning signs more visible and easily identifiable.

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16 Aug 2018

FBI warns banks of potential ‘unlimited’ ATM heist

The FBI has issued warnings to U.S. banks of a suspected “cash out” that may steal millions by using cloned ATM cards. The effort has been globally organized and could be launched anytime. The attack is most likely connected to an unknown or undisclosed card issuer breach.  Source: FBI warns

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14 Aug 2018

Venezuela ‘drone attack’: Maduro would accept FBI help to investigate

“Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has said he would allow US FBI agents into the country to help investigate the alleged assassination attempt against him a week ago. The president said he believed that the people involved had fled to Florida, Peru and Colombia. The US has indicated it will co-operate

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26 Jul 2018

Congress wants DoD to hold a national cyber response exercise

Although it has not included a deadline, Congress has proposed high-level exercise led by the DoD in cooperation with the DHS and FBI to prepare civilian agencies to respond to attacks on critical infrastructure. Responding to lawmakers’ claims that the DoD has not adequately prepared, DOD’s CYBERCOM has emphasized that

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23 Jul 2018

CIA & FBI: China is waging a ‘quiet kind of cold war’ against US

China’s subversive actions against the U.S. goes well beyond the current trade dispute and includes massive, coordinated economic espionage that is “not just a footnote to what we’re dealing with with Russia.” Both the CIA and FBI have continued to emphasize the risks posed to the U.S. by ongoing Chinese

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04 Feb 2017

Baseline Comparison of US and Foreign Anarchist Extremist Movements

This joint DHS and FBI Assessment examines the possible reasons why anarchist extremist attacks in certain countries abroad and in the United States differ in the frequency of incidents and degree of lethality employed in order to determine ways US anarchist extremists actions might become more lethal in the future.

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