15 Apr 2019

Major coordinated disinformation campaign hit the Lithuanian Defense

On 10 April, the Lithuanian Defense Ministry and its minister Raimundas Karoblis were the target of a major disinformation campaign that aimed at “discrediting not only the minister as a politician but also the entire Lithuanian national defense system and damaging public trust and support to the armed forces.” The

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13 Mar 2019

CISA Cyber Chief Warns Political Candidates ‘Everybody’s a Potential Target’

The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency is warning that all candidates in every official election, including federal, state and local elections, are potential targets for cyberattacks aimed at influencing the campaign and the results. The agency, which falls under the Department of Homeland Security and is in charge of

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11 Mar 2019

Russian Trolls Shift Strategy to Disrupt U.S. Election in 2020

Cybersecurity experts believe that Russian efforts to interfere in the 2020 US elections are taking on a slightly different form than in the past, with Internet trolls using fake social made accounts to “amplify” politically divisive content, rather than creating new content as they did in 2016. The shift in

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08 Mar 2019

How China & Russia Use Social Media to Sway the West

A new report by Recorded Future analyses how social media-based campaigns by the Russian and Chinese governments aim to influence public opinion in the US and other Western countries. The study finds significant differences between the Chinese and Russian campaigns both in terms of motivation and the way in which

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07 Mar 2019

New law lets Russia jail people who ‘disrespect’ the government online

The lower house of the Russian parliament on Wednesday approved a new law that will allow the government to fine or imprison people who post online content criticizing Russian officials or otherwise displaying “disrespect for society, the state, (and) state symbols of the Russian Federation.” The bill officially aims to

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19 Feb 2019

‘Digital Gangsters’: UK Wants Tougher Rules for Facebook

The media committee of the UK parliament has released a report in which it claims that Facebook “intentionally and knowingly violated both data privacy and anti-competition laws,” adding that “[c]ompanies like Facebook should not be allowed to behave like ‘digital gangsters’ in the online world, considering themselves to be ahead of and

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18 Feb 2019

AI text generator too dangerous to release, say creators

OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research group co-founded by Elon Musk, has created AI software that is not only capable of writing coherent articles and texts, but can actually mimic the writing style of specific individuals, including professional journalists if it is fed articles written by them. While the OpenAI team has

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15 Feb 2019

Fake News Rattles Nigerian Election Campaign

Tomorrow, Nigeria goes to the polls to elect a new President after a long and messy campaign season plagued by fake news stories. From fabricated endorsements to re-used violent images attached to new false narratives, fake news has spread across different social media platforms and been viewed by millions of

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22 Jan 2019

Facebook’s WhatsApp limits message forwards in an attempt to fight fake news

WhatsApp, a messaging service owned by Facebook that boasts 1.5 billion users, is implementing limits to the number of recipients users can forward messages to in a single day. Part of efforts to combat the spread of fake news on its platform, the measure had been implemented in India since

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18 Jan 2019

Facebook Shuts Hundreds of Russia-Linked Pages, Accounts for Disinformation

Helped by a tip from US law enforcement, Facebook has shut down two massive Russian disinformation campaigns comprising hundreds of Facebook groups and pages as well as Facebook and Instagram accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers. One of the campaigns focused on Ukraine, whereas the other targeted countries in Central

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